Monday, June 1, 2015

The time, at longest, is not long

This week was good but busy, we just had a lot of things to do which unfortunately didn't really impact us number-wise but it was still a decent week and I had fun I can say. We had to travel to Bratislava and then also to Ruzomberok but unfortunately the guy in Ruzomberok didn't come so that was a waste but whatever, things happen and we have to just get over it. I am very tired, according to the missionaries that I've talked to before there is just a wall that when you get close to the end of your mission you're just exhausted, you're exhausted when you go to sleep and you're exhausted when you wake up. I have hit that wall, yesterday and the day before I was fighting sleep every time I sat down, which is unusual because that usually doesn't happen but it was going on yesterday. So, all I can say is that I am extremely tired and ready for a nap but of course I have a few more weeks until I get that chance haha. Anyways let's get into the rest of the week.
At the beginning we wound up not being able to go the Tatry and today we won't be able to go with her  because Samuel still has the big car so it is postponed until next week. We're planning on going very early in the morning so we can get back and still have time to do things. We're also planning on trying to get some investigators coming with us so we're very thankful to Brat Seidl for his willingness to come and take us. We also set up a dinner at the family that we teach and we're all 4 going over there in 2 weeks, so we're excited, they're great. We also established everything that we're doing for our barbeque so we’re excited for that and we're hoping to get as many people there as we possibly can. Brat Seidl is willing to drive people over there from the train station so we're happy with that. Then we finally on Tuesday left for Bratislava. We left so early because President wanted us in our seats early because a Seventy was coming and he wanted us all prepared with shined shoes and dry-cleaned suits and phones off and all that sort of stuff. The Seventy that came was Patrick Kearon, he's the new Area President for Europe, and he’s from England. The training itself was really good, he was a very good teacher and speaker and he made things very comfortable with us, never trying to test us or catch us in a trap so it was really nice and extremely long, the whole thing went from 10 to 4. Within that we also had lunch for a bit and after lunch I had to give my departing testimony. That was hard, admittedly I cried.  I wasn't planning on it really but I did as I bore testimony of loving my mission and of all the members that I've come to love and care so much about. It was short but it was ok, and sort of sucked haha. Then after we took pictures with tons of people and shook the Seventy's hand and all that. Then we came home and got on with our missionary work. The rest of the week was simple.  We actually met a return missionary who came back with his wife, an Elder Haberman, he bought us some food so I'm a fan of his. There was a celebration fair in Zilina so there were a lot of markets so I bought some stuff to bring home, still have to look for presents for members of the family but I'm thinking hard about it. Other than that the rest of the week was a solidly good week.  We played basketball, then it rained but it was good anyway.
Our investigators this week didn't make the hugest of progress I would say but they're doing fine. The guy in Norway is doing really well and I think he has some serious intent, and he's just the coolest guy because he's so willing to try anything. He says it would be nice to know if God exists so he knows that he's there. He is willing to pray and read and all that he's just atheist but he's just so willing its awesome haha. The family is doing better, I think them when they talked about the baptismal date they were a little scared by it and about what it means to us, I don't know how much longer we will be teaching them but I am always praying for them. There will probably come a time in the near future where we will have to have the talk with them but we're praying with how to handle that situation tactfully and carefully. The kid who came with us to Trecin is doing well as well we have been working with him about baptism quite a bit and he's very close to accepting a date. He likes to be around us and whenever we have an activity he is always there and ready to have some fun. We're hoping the transition for him is natural and he just flows into accepting the message and sees the effect it will have on his life. These are a lot of hopes but I think it will all work out. Our woman who is on date isn't going to well, and we're thinking of dropping her she just isn't understanding at all and things are just getting blocked by something we're going to work with her a little longer but I don't know how long we will be teaching her, but we're praying for her and we're hoping with the warmer weather we'll be able to find some new investigators and get them into the teaching pool and on their way to baptism!
That's pretty much everything that I have for the week but thanks everyone for your help and support and I hope you all have a really great week and all that.
Elder Ferrell

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