Sunday, May 24, 2015

up's and down's of missionary life

Hello everyone, today marks the halfway point of this transfer so it's a pretty cool day I guess you could say. This past week was pretty cool, we didn't really do much out of the ordinary but we had a lot of fun and we worked hard so I guess that counts for something. Next week we will be doing a lot more fun things and the week after that will be a fun week as well because we're planning on going to the tatry with one of the members here so we're excited for that. We've also planned on going to a castle today so I'll have to take pictures of that and then also of the other activities that are going on this week we'll have to take some pictures as well. Everything is going fine I think, it will be a smooth ending of the transfer I think and hope but that is still a few weeks away. I think I'll be able to work until the end, it kind of feels like I got a fire under me because I realize that I'm leaving soon so I have to get in every minute and make it count. I hope it all works out and everything happens how it is supposed to and then we'll see about the future. It's been a rewarding week and the time just keeps on rolling.
I'll start with the investigators this time because there is some progress but there is also some sad news but not so sad. The sad news first is that our family is no longer on date. They said they talked about it and they don't feel the need to change their church yet. So we're back to square one but they did commit this week to come to church and try it out. So one day before I leave they will definitely be coming to church, they have to haha. I know they have felt the spirit and I think they're really close they just need an extra push. I think they will make it eventually, they just need some good teaching and they will get it. They're more spiritual now and I think that they're coming along well, they're just a normal Slovak catholic haha. Some of the other things though is that one of our dates seems set on getting baptized so we're hoping that she gets going unfortunately she didn't come to church but that's okay we'll keep on trying to get there there, people's agency can be annoying haha but we have to live with it. We're also headed to the catacombs this week that are under the main square and we're excited for that because some of our investigators are coming and they are excited for that too haha/\. The Norwegian and the Bulgarian that we're now teaching are planning on coming so we'll have a full group. Then one of them might also come with us to Trencin so it’s pretty cool. We found pretty well this week and we tried our best and we'll continue to try hard all the way until the end. 
Like I talked about in the last paragraph, we're planning on going to the catacombs this week on Friday, it's something that I have always wanted to do while I'm here in Zilina ever since I heard it was possible. I don't think missionaries have ever done it because most people don't know that it's possible to go to and all that. I don't think any of the members knew about it until we asked them about it so it will be cool. Then on Saturday we're going to Trencin for the celebration of the dedication of Slovakia. That will be there on the hill and there will be games and food so I'm excited about that. Then of course next Monday, Brother Seidl said we can go to the Tatry with him, those are the mountains in the middle of Slovakia where missionaries haven't been in a long time. We're allowed to go because we're doing our culture night and we're going to be with Brother Seidl so it will be a pretty awesome time. We're also going to help him this week cut down some trees again, we did that with him twice last week. He owns a tree cutting business and he invites us to come when he's in Zilina which isn't very often. He has a lot of work. Around the country but now he has a ton of work here in Zilina. 
Well that's pretty much everything I have this week, sorry if it's a little short, my life is boring haha. Well at least I do the same things over and over just like the rest of the last 2 years but whatever thanks for all the support and emails have a great week!
Elder Ferrell

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