Monday, June 8, 2015

It's time, I am ready. ( with Zilina, tatra mountains, and vylet photos)

Well the highlight of the week was going to the tatry mountains, mainly because we just got back, that's why We went to a place called strbske pleso, they have a waterfall there and we climbed up there and all that and it was really fun. We spent quite a bit of time up there but everything worked out all right because now we have the rest of the day open. It was a really cool experience and I'm so glad that I was able to be in Zilina for it. We went as the 4 of us and with Brat Seidl, he is really nice about it and likes going on Vylets and on the way back everyone fell asleep haha. The weather there was beautiful, even though we're all a little sun-burned, except Elder Roosendaal because he's brown but that doesn't matter. It's pretty painful but whatever, it's the first time that I've gotten sun-burned on my mission, and oddly enough I was actually just thinking about that this past week. We're tired but I have some wonderful pictures to show all of you so there will be a lot of things sent after this email, so be prepared. I'll explain more about the Tatry later in the letter.
This week, I think I'll start with our investigators and how they're doing. At the beginning of the week we met with our Norwegian friend and the Bulgarian for the last time. We still meet with the Norwegian but the Bulgarian graduated and never wants to see Slovakia again unless it's for Kofola haha. We had a good conversation with them and we got some photos with them so when I get home I'll get them off Facebook from him. The great part about the meeting though was that he accepted to meet with missionaries in Norway, and he also told his mom he was meeting with us. So that was really cool for us. We wound up not meeting with the family this week because they didn't have time, they were gone the times we could have come but we're still working with them but we'll see how that goes in the future. One of the great things of the week was a meeting that we had with a woman in Rajec, She was a potential that me and Elder Mason found a long time ago who said we could come visit her in Rajec. So we went out there on Sunday and met with her and she is awesome. She has 3 kids and I feel that she thinks the Book of Mormon is true and she agreed to be baptized if she learned it was true. We have another meeting with her next week and she is trying to come to the branch party that we're having on lietavsky castle this Saturday with all her kids. We found well this week and we're just looking to continue the pace all the way through the transfer. It’s been good and that's basically how I can describe it.
The rest of the week was very normal, we went places we contacted people and just did the normal missionary life. I'm preparing to come home and I'm getting excited to see everyone. It will be hard to leave but I have to at least for a while haha. I want to visit as much as I can and I think one of the most important things for me is to just not forget about the people here because they're so wonderful. I mean of course I met some awesome people and I'm going to be friends with some of the missionaries the rest of my life but I get the feeling that I just really want to keep in contact with the people that I've come to know and love over here. So thank goodness for skype and Facebook haha. I don't know I have 2 weeks left and there are things I'm looking forward to, namely food and having some freedom and calming down from all of the responsibility that is put on our shoulders as missionaries. These 2 weeks will fly but it's time, I am ready.
Well that's pretty much everything, I'm tired, a lot, it's hard to sleep because it is so dang hot here right now, even though it's raining today. The entire week we were dying from the heat, it just wipes me out, but I got a good tan on my arm and head haha. I'll need to go tan when I get home to even everything out haha. Any who thanks a lot everyone for the support and all that from the whole mission, I'm very grateful to everyone, and have a great week!
Elder Ferrell

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