Monday, April 27, 2015

The time is far spent ...There is little remaining

Well this week was really really great, we did so much stuff and we got stuff done so I'm pumped for it, we have just been going and going and we taught a ton of people this week, it was simply awesome. We found well, and we've been doing a lot of calls of former potential investigators that we've had and a lot of them set up with us and we've been meeting with them, it's been pretty awesome. We're just having a lot of fun over here and just working hard for my last transfer, even if I am very very tired all the time. I've also had this weird phenomenon that I am just starving all the time and me being cheap I don't buy a lot of food . Seriously though, I'm always hungry and I don't know why but for the first time ever I was not filled by Halusky, and we had big portions this time, it was weird but cool at the same time haha. Well, I guess I'll get going with the rest of this letter so here we go.

Well, this week we just did a bunch of missionary work, we played some games at the Seidlovci with their kids and that was fun they’re always a lot of fun to be around and then we just got into the week. Me and Elder Lyman are getting a long well and we're just very in tune with each other it's simply great and we're just ready to work hard, I'm glad I'm with him for this last transfer it is a great help for me and it just nice in general. I took a trip to Ruzomberok this week it's about 50 minutes away from Zilina and we went because there was a guy there who we taught that I called from a a while ago he was a Baptist but felt he should be open to what we have to say so it was pretty cool, he was a nice guy. We didn't really do much else there it was a very simple week and a very long week  but it was good I'm satisfied with how it went so. 

As far as, work goes we did really really well. We taught a ton of lessons and we were very very busy. One day we taught 7 lessons it was ridiculous haha. We currently have 2 people on date and we were 1 person away from getting standards. We just needed one of our people to come to church and she was going to but she overslept and she put her phone on silent when we called to wake her up so it was a bummer. We think we could probably get standards this week too but we'll have to see we're not completely sure about it because of the training. Our main investigators are going good, they're excited about their baptismal dates and do sincerely want to learn. We’ll see how everything goes down because we're not really sure about them but it will be okay. One person wants to meet every day but we have to tell him that we just can't do it sometimes so it's rather funny haha. We didn't meet with our family but today we're going with a member and we're going to try to give them a baptismal date we'll see how it all comes about but we think they're ready and we hope that it will be good for them and we don't scare them off but I think it will be fine.

This next week we're going to Brno for a conference and well that's going to be good like always. Next month a seventy is coming to tour the mission, Elder Kearon from the Area Presidency so we'll get to see him in Brno, it will be good, and I’m excited for it. We're also going to be super busy because we have to go to Bratislava a day early for a doctor visit for Elder Lyman and it is just going to be a long time haha but it will be fine. I imagine we'll be able to skype for mother’s day and we'll say we skype at 6 and I'll just tell everyone else that we'll skype at 6 P.M. my time. Well thanks everyone for the help and support have a great week. 

Elder Ferrell

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