Monday, April 20, 2015

The last first week, not looking forward to leaving my ancestor's homeland

I think it's just funny that now I'm noticing all of the lasts that I'm having, I think it has really hit me now that in a bit I will be going home, I think it's more sad than exciting. Of course I'm excited about seeing my family all of that stuff but at the same time, it will be very hard to not be seeing all of the Slovaks here that I'm used to seeing. It's going to be a big bummer but at the same time, I'll still be able to skype and talk to them from home. I've kind of made up my mind about how I want to keep my Slovak and I think that when I get home I will buy a Kindle and then I will download a bunch of Slovak books. I asked Sister Seidlova if it's possible and she said that it probably is but that not all books are E books but I think it will be fine with the books that I want to read. I was thinking of just getting a normal kindle -  the cheaper ones and basically just live of that but we'll have to see with everything coming out and all that. This week was awesome, I'm actually liking Elder Lyman a lot.  We're getting along great in fact and we're working way hard and were doing some awesome work but I should probably get on with this letter.

This week was Branch Conference, that meant that I had to prepare everything for Sunday and prepare a talk and all that sort of stuff. It also meant that president McConkie came down and also president Seidl was there and president Valnicek with his family was there but his wife had to be in Bratislava. So President came down the night before and did interviews with everyone in the district except me and he also taught with the missionaries. We had a lesson on plan but then our investigator never came so it was a bummer but we set up another lesson with her and President the following morning. We taught with him and that was great and then church started. I had to announce all of the auxiliaries and ask for sustaining votes and all that and it was very good. Then I gave my talk. I talked about Bishop Black and about his testimony right before he passed away, I still remember it after all these years and I shared that with everyone. Admittedly, I cried which I haven't done on my mission very much so it was interesting because I wasn't expecting to, but it happened and meh. Then Samuel talked and that was good as it usually is and he talked about scriptures and then President talked and he's a powerful speaker of course. Then we had Priesthood and then we had a meeting about what we could do better and what can be done now and all that sort of stuff. Then it was the end of conference and we went on our merry way haha.

This week with our investigators was interesting. We now have a person on baptismal date, she's a referral from another investigators and she's really nice and she seems like she's pretty solid she always said she's happy when she's with us and she comes to church and enjoys it and all that it's pretty cool. I think she's a little shy but that's all and I think she'll be good. Her date is the 20th of June right before I leave and it seems like she could make it we'll see how things go but she seems pretty solid. We also taught our other investigators and Elder Lyman introduced himself to everyone and all that. We talked with our family and the father is going to Hamburg this week for work and so he's gone but we're meeting the mother hopefully with Sister Seidlova on Friday so we're looking forward to that. We found well this week as well and we had a really epic time of calling potentials. We found a few people who were way cool and I think they have a lot of potential. One guy was way interested and really wanted to learn more about God because he says he believes but he;s not a saint. He said he wants to buy a Bible and would like to talk to us but currently he has tests and so he can't meet until May, so it's a bummer there. Interestingly though, I had talked to him before and he knew me by name and where I'm from. When we got his number about the gospel I realized I had his number for English and he just didn't have time and he's really shy so haha. We also called potentials this week. I called potentials from last transfer and I only called 4 and 3 of them set up with us and 1 didn't answer and it was awesome so we're doing tons of work.

Well we didn't really do anything that exciting this week other than what I listed here , we're going to do some more work next week and then we have a training the week after so that's exciting. I don't really know much else that I can add but that we're going over to the Seidlovci to play with their kids, they're really fun and kind of the main friends we can have haha. I think we just spend all of our time there, but it's cool and they're nice and they usually give us food or something of the like so it's a good thing haha. But thanks for all for your support and help and sorry if I didn't answer any questions from the past, but have a good week, everyone, and be safe!

Elder Ferrell

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