Monday, May 4, 2015

Staying strong in Slovakia

There will be photos posted shortly
Well, the month of May has arrived, it feels like April was very very short for me but then again all months seem short because every time after the first full week of the month we're already halfway through it or already a third through it so it always feels really short. So that's nothing really new, and this week was just a pretty great week and we're looking into another awesome week that I'm very excited for. We have a ton of stuff on plan as we usually do so I'm looking forward to being able to get it done and work hard until the end. I really haven't felt the effects of me leaving yet it still feels like a very long way off but I do get pangs sometimes but they usually only happen at night or something like that so it's doing pretty good. I guess we're just too busy to really get trunky or homesick. I'm doing fine and we're just doing our best and letting everything else be taken care of by Heavenly Father. 


This week we had training in Brno and we had to go to Bratislava the day before because Elder Lyman had a check-up with the Doctor there. However our train ran late and we missed the appointment and the Doctor so we wound up just being in Bratislava for a day but it worked out well because I was able to see a lot of my previous investigators and we were able to set up some more lessons for our area and then we also saw the Seningers. They came to tour her mission and there whole family was there and she wanted her family to meet the members a bit. So we saw her entire family and it was pretty cool and I just was able to see everyone. The training was pretty cool as well, we talked about baptism mainly and about how it is essential for our investigators to know about baptism and commit to it. It was simply cool and we're going to try it with a lot of our investigators and we're excited for it. I think it will be very helpful for our investigators once we get the chance to do it with them. We learned about just jumping into it with a full heart and I'm just trying to continue and thrust in and work hard. So I'm just going to continue as I can and we'll see what the future holds. 


As for our investigators we didn't have as much time as we wish we had to meet with them but the time that we did have was great. We met with our dates and they're progressing forward, we still don't know how it will be for them but we're excited for them nonetheless. We also had a really really cool experience with our Norwegian friend. We were finally able to meet with him after a long time and his roommate stayed with us this time. His room ante is from Brazil and was baptized as a Mormon before when he was a kid but doesn't practice it now. He stayed with us the whole time and we taught him about a Book of Mormon and about prayer. Then our Norwegian friend said he would try prayer and see if it works so we're excited to see him next week because I think he really likes it when we come and are with him. They're both really nice and they're going to be awesome. 


Well this is kind of short but I can't really think of anything else to say. We’re making a very good meal tomorrow for district lunch and I'm excited for that and I'm also excited for skyping home. We'll do it at 6 and I'll have all the time then. I'm looking forward to it. Thanks everyone for the help and support have a great week!


Elder Ferrell

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