Monday, April 13, 2015

Final transfer

Photos to come
Today marks the last transfer of my mission; it is pretty normal and doesn't really feel weird at all, just like I'm continuing my mission. It's weird because I realize that my mission is ending but I also don't really feel it at all. Sometimes, I get pangs of excitement and fear when I think about it, but for the most part it doesn't feel like it is ever going to happen. It still feels kind of like its May 2013 and nothing has really happened and that time at home just sort of froze and now it's going to start up again soon. It's cool, but its lame at the same time, I don't really know how else to express it. I'm sure the time will fly but I'm also sure that it will be fun and full of adventure, it will just be fine I suppose.

Well, this transfer was only 8 weeks long and that was for President McConkie because he has a meeting or something so this next transfer is going to be 10 weeks I guess, but I'm not exactly sure. Regardless, whenever it ends I'll hang out in Zilina for a while until I go to Prague with everyone for all the departing missionary stuff. My final companion is Elder Lyman. He came into the mission a transfer after me and he'll end his mission next transfer. I don't really know what to think, but it's going to be fun, we're just going to go through this transfer well and do everything we can like always. I'm happy to start this next transfer because this last transfer I felt myself slipping a little bit, so this transfer will be a welcome change because it gives me another chance to start again and recommit myself to finishing out strong, it's near the end and so I have to give it a good ending, and be really really tired.

This past week was busy again, mainly for me as the Branch President because we had conference this week so I've been taking care of all that kind of stuff. It was nice and we had a pretty successful week, we had 2 people at the conference and we met with a lot of people it was just a good solid week. We're looking to build on it this following week as we work towards branch conference. This will be my first branch conference that I've been in on my mission and I have to speak in it as the Branch President and then I will be followed by Samuel Seidl and then President McConkie, talk about pressure. It will be cool because I've never seen how this is done and I've always wanted to but I always got transferred right before one or right after one so it was kind of annoying ha-ha.

We met with our investigators this week as we tend to do. The man who we meet with every other day is stopping smoking today so that's exciting, I think he'll be really good and we're hoping it's the last time he stop smoking. I don't know how much longer we'll need to support him in this but it's going to be a great feat for him. I hope he receives strength from God and I know he will if he just continues to try. He's really strong, even though he says he isn't, and he is definitely strong enough to beat this habit. We also met with our family and they're really cool, our goal is just to get them on the path, it may come to the point where we need to have the talk with them and tell them that it's important and they really need to get going with the gospel. Whatever happens we'll do it with love and we'll aim first at doing it spiritually and getting them to progress to the next level. This week was good for referrals, our friend gave us another referral for his friend, he's cool and we're going to help him later this week. The previous referral he gave us came to church and committed to coming the next week too, I think she has massive potential of getting baptized.  We'll see how it all goes down. But good things are happening, it's an exciting time.

Well, that's pretty much everything that I have this week it's been good and I'm still and always will be tired. I'm getting ready to come home, not too quickly though.  But I know it has to happen, even though Emma Seidlova said that her family could adopt me.  That would be rather cool, but I don't think I could leave my real family.  My Dad makes too good of food and my Mom takes me with her when she travels too often, to pass them up.  So anywho, thanks for everything that you all have done for me and have a wonderful week!

Elder Ferrell

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