Monday, March 2, 2015

Happy in Slovakia (photos)

Elder Roosendaal and Elder Ferrell

This past week was pretty cool.  We didn't do much out of the ordinary except for training which is always good and nice to be at. First off, I didn't get your package yet and the new office couple will not be telling you if the package has arrived anymore so it's up to us, but I didn't get it this training.  So I will get it sometime this month when we have another training. Me and Elder Roosendaal had a good week together and I can't really complain because it just went very smoothly, something I haven't had in a while so it was a pretty good week I would say. We also have a lot of fun planned for this next week because it's my birthday and I and Elder Sharp are good friends so we're going to bake a cake.  Anyways I should probably start this.

At the best kebob restaurant in Zilina
At the beginning of this week we went to training and that was good because we left Elder Roosendaal and Elder Reskill here to teach a lesson and then go to Bratislava because I and Elder Sharp needed to be there a little bit before, me for my interview and him for his District leader meeting which they have before training. They went and taught the lesson but the train ran late an hour and a half and they had to take a taxi so they didn't get to the apartment until midnight and they were 20 euros less rich. I had a good interview with President.  It was pretty long and we talked about a bunch of stuff and it was just in general really good to talk with him. I couldn’t get any information out of him but I think that I'll stay in Zilina for the rest of my mission.  At least I would like to.  That would be my first option I think. Training was cool, President decided to take us to the movies and we watched Meet the Mormons.  We didn't actually go to the movies but we watched it in the Chapel in Brno. We learned all about how the Book of Mormon is so important and the basis of everything. How it has power so we should use it more to answer questions and to solve concerns. Elder Roosendaal was also very tired because he also had to wake up early so he was working on around 4 and a half hours of sleep. So he slept on the train home, but it was a good training all in all. 
The rest of this week we actually did some pretty good work, we met and found people and we had quite a bit of success. Our investigators are progressing and we had a decent week this week. We taught our family about the word of Wisdom and they were interested in it and surprised about not having any coffee and Tea but ultimately agreed in general. They're really cool and they like us a lot so we have a load of fun teaching them. Then we talked to a man who is a former investigator and he said that he wants to get baptized but his family is against it and doesn't want to make them mad.  So we have to deal with that for a while. I think he can make it.   He's a cool guy. We also have 3 people with whom we're meeting who are quitting smoking this week.  Its pretty nuts and I'm praying for every one of them. I hope they're able to make their goals. We're just doing well right now and we're trying to push people into the Baptism stage but you know people.  They're stubborn and just don't want to go but they will eventually pounce upon where they want to go. So it's just good and we're working hard and doing everything that we can for people here.
This next week will be cool because it's my birthday obviously and to celebrate it we're making Baked Potato soup for district lunch and then I an Elder Sharp will make Medovnik on Wednesday so we're pumped for that. It's so much butter and so much sugar ha-ha. This month the Seidlovci have a lot of birthdays and so we're going to some kind of party for the youngest Seidl this Tuesday. It will just be a good week and probably one of the last milestones before I go home. scary.... But it's good.  I know it will go fast and I don't regret anything from my mission but thanks everyone for the support and all that,  Have a great week, I love you all!
Elder Ferrell

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