Tuesday, February 24, 2015

What joy shall fill my heart

Well this week has seemed sort of long but short as all the rest of them feel but its okay. Time just moves faster and faster and I feel that this transfer will go the same and that that's how things work. Elder Guymon once told me that when he was at the end of his mission that it went by very quickly but it also felt like 2 years. I feel like that as well. I can't believe how fast everything has gone since I left and now it's coming to an end sooner rather than later and it's crazy but it still feels like I've been out for as long as I have. I'm torn sometimes about wanting to go home and wanting to stay.  Of course, I will have to go home when it comes time but it will be hard to leave everyone. Anyway the week was pretty good and we did pretty well at everything and we even had a few miracles. The next week will be fun as we end the month and go to training. Anwyays, I might as well let it loose.

Well this week we got our new companions and we set out to do what we normally do and that was missionary work. So we hit the streets and we taught people and we had some really cool lessons.  Elder Roosendaal has grown since we were last together and I think that he has also lost some weight ha-ha. He's a good guy and we are getting along  well.  He says that he always wanted to be back with me or go with Elder Mason. I don't know completely why President has put him back with me but nonetheless it's not a bad thing. It's really nice to not have to get to know a new person all over again so I'm grateful about that. His language has gotten much better and it's nice to know that I don't have to do all of the talking anymore. Of course, as the senior companion I am still responsible.  We have done well, so it's good.

This week we actually had some really good lessons with our investigators and are very satisfied with them. We met with our family and we asked them what they think about what we've been teaching them and they responded with we think it's helping us to become a closer family and I think we're getting closer. Then we came to them with a certain passage in the Book of Mormon and they absolutely loved it. They wrote down the verses and really wanted to know about it. It was about our burdens becoming light if we will endure and keep at it. They're super nice and great and I just love them to bits. We also taught our really cool prepared man and he came to us and told him he was very nervous and we had a very spiritual lesson with him and he said man I love talking to you guys because I always feel peaceful afterwards. We explained that that was the Holy Ghost and it's telling him that what we're teaching is right and he agreed so we're very excited for him because this past week he was sort of stand-offish but we have him back. It really all comes down to the Book of Mormon with him, when he starts to read a gain then he progresses a ton more. Then we had a miracle happen, we had been trying to meet with this older man for a long time we met him many months ago and he lives far away and is hardly ever in Zilina and calls us when he has time. So we go contacting and we're just walking and we see this guy and we stop him and he says he has 30 minutes and wants to talk to us and said that he always has interest and that he's truly searching for the truth. It was awesome because some things happened during the day that put us directly in his path and we were not actually planning to be there at that time so it was clearly a miracle!

The next week is going to be good, we're headed to Brno tonight because I'm finally going to get my interview with President and I have to be there early, I think he's planning a long one so I'm happy and excited ha-ha. That's really everything that I have as well but thanks for all of the help and love and support.  You're all great.  Have a good week!

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