Tuesday, February 17, 2015

It's a wonderful life

Editor's note.  *******Elder Ferrell's new companion is Elder Roosendaal from London England.  Almost exactly 1 year ago, Elder Ferrell was Elder Roo'ls trainer.  During that span, Elder Ferrell's mother, while on a business trip,  traveled to London and met with Elder R's  parents and spent a wonderful day with them.  It's only fitting that they are companions again.
The second to last transfer starts this week for me and it's been an interesting week in general.   I am so super tired it’s not even funny. I have really been exhausted for the past 2 weeks and I don't know why,.  We are doing well here and we're teaching more and more people but it still doesn't explain why I'm so tired. Maybe it's just because I haven't been getting the best sleep at nights right now, it just seems like every single time I lay down to go to bed my mind just comes alive and I want to think about everything and make crazy plans and all that stuff it's quite annoying, but what can ya do? Anyway I guess I should just get into now before I start rambling about random stuff that doesn't matter.

Well, I guess I won't keep you all waiting about transfer but the verdict is that I am staying in Zilina, which I figured but I wasn't 100% positive on it. Anyway I did though and I'm still the Branch President and my new companion is someone who I didn't actually think I would be with.  It's Elder Roosendaal, again. It was quite unexpected but it is true and there's not really much else about it. We were with President on Saturday and he said he would tell us transfers then and that I would get my interview with him but he wound up having to interview a few people in the district so we had to leave and he never told us but then he called and told us. He said, "I don't know why God is doing but your new companion is Elder Roosendaal," Elder Roosendaal was pretty happy about it.   I think it will be fine.  We're already pretty used to each other so we don't have to push each other’s buttons to figure out what the boundaries are like with many missionaries. I think all in all everything will be good. The other Elders in the district are Elder S and Elder D who came out with Elder. Elder Brou went to Bratislava and is a district leader there and Elder B went to Kosice with Elder Rin. Elder G is with Elder K and Elder A is with Elder Br in Zvolen. Elder Mas is with Elder Ga in Trencin. The Zone leaders are the same and Elder Williams is still there. Elder Chri is with Elder Cal and Elder Ly is training in Nitra. That's everyone in the country haha.

Well, this week was pretty good, it was less working time than we've had because we had some business to take care of but we also had the meeting in Brno which was actually really great and awesome. I learned a lot from the other Branch Presidents. I feel like when I go there that everyone just knows what they're doing way better than what I know so I just keep my mouth shut and try to listen for things that I can implement in my branch.  It helps I think. Maybe I should speak more, but whatever. We also met with our family this week and they're doing great they’re showing more and more interest in the message and doing the things so that they can come closer to God.  We're hoping to get them to start coming to church regularly in the following weeks. The rest of our investigators are doing well, I think though, that it's about time we find a ton more so that's mine and Elder Roos goal for the transfer just balloon this area with investigators. Not just eternigators but people who are actually willing to progress in the gospel and go somewhere with it. It's going to take a lot of work and a lot of faith but I think it's possible. A lot of the people this last week dropped us so we were open to finding more people this week, it went okay I think but I need to look the part more. It's crazy how just being happy and smiling and wearing the message can change people's attitude and the way they perceive us and what we have to offer. So we're going to go ahead and surge in this new transfer as the winter is fading into the background and the spring follows.

An interesting thought though it’s that, I and Elder Roo will be together for both of my birthdays on my mission. We were together last year and we're going to be together this year as well haha. We're basically together the same transfer of last year. Well that's everything that I probably have.  We have a ton of time this day on transfers, so I'm happy about that. We have training in a week and a half, or actually next Tuesday I should say  so we're gearing up for that. President said I will get an interview there for sure and he said he'll make an exception for me and we'll just talk and talk and talk for an hour haha. It probably won't be an hour but I'm satisfied. note*  This is the 2nd time in a row that Elder Ferrell didn't get interviewed by Pres. McConkie.*Well thanks for everything and all of the help I love you all and wish you all a safe and wonderful week!

Elder Ferrell

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