Monday, February 9, 2015

Behold, the field is whte (in Zilina, Slovakia)

Well this week is the last week before transfers, we have a pretty big week ahead of us and we had a really big week this last week. It's really quite amazing at the progress that we have made in building up this area here, we've been working hard and things are just kind of going our way right now, we don't ever spend a day just contacting and we just teach a ton of lessons and then we contact in the spaces when we can. It's a very interesting phenomenon how; you can find as many people in 25 minutes when you're teaching a bunch of lessons than you can in a whole day of contacting. It's pretty awesome and we're hoping to reap those rewards as much as possible and try to progress those investigators into the baptizing pool of members. We're looking forward to transfers as well as this will begin my 2nd to last transfer. It's exciting and nerve-wracking all at the same time. I'm pretty sure I'm staying but you never know plus you just have to figure out who is coming here or who I'm going to be with. All I can say is that whoever I'm with next transfer better be ready to work because I don't have a ton of time left so they better want to use all the time we have.
This week we didn't do anything really crazy we just taught a bunch of people. We found 3 new investigators last week and we continued to teach them this week. 2 have dropped off this week however but 1 has stayed and seems really interested. The rest of our investigators are doing well. The family is making more and more progress and we're just trying to move them into coming to church every week. They have a lot of potential and I really think they can be awesome branch builders in this part of the country. We're also teaching one man who is probably the coolest and most prepared man I've ever met ha-ha. I talked about him before but this week it's a whole new level of preparedness ha-ha. He came up to us and said he's been researching Mormons and watching films about us, some of them not being very positive about us. He basically came in with a list of stuff that he heard from the movie and it was the usual anti Mormon stuff. So I just began to go through a few things with him and he just tells me, I know all of it is crap.  You guys are great and I'm so grateful I met you. He said in the video there was a lot of bad stuff about Joseph Smith and he said these people should not be doing that and it just made him angry that they would attack good man who writes a good book. He's been reading lots and he's been looking up lots and he finds out and tells us that he now knows we have 3 books in the standard works and asked us when 2ill he get the second book. We told him after baptism . He's just really cool. We also had a really cool experience, we were talking about family history and this guy just comes up to me and asks who I am and what I'm here for, he's probably 21. I tell him all about us and how we do free service and stuff like that.  He says, "well I'm actually more interested in your church.  Can we meet and discuss that?"  He said that he met missionaries in England a week ago when he was there and talked to them and they gave him a book of Mormon in Slovenian and said he would like to read it and learn about us, so we're meeting with him Tuesday now. Miracles are happening and it's freaking awesome!
This next week, we're just going to try our best.  Yesterday we had our music activity where Elder Boam played his violin and the other elders explained music and all that kind of stuff and it was good, the members liked it and they were all able to stay so it was good.  We also had some investigators there so we were very happy with how it turned out. It's a lot better when all of our members can attend than only a few because only a few live in Zilina.
This next week we'll be continuing to teach all of our people. WE also have to go to Brno on Saturday because we have a meeting there for Branch Presidents and I have to attend that. So Elder Boam gets dragged along with me in that circumstance. It will be good, I just hope I remember everything and understand everything that is going on because it will be in Czech. I'm sure it will be fine though.
Well, that's pretty much everything that I have for this week but thanks everyone for all of your help as my mission winds down. It has been invaluable.
Elder Ferrell

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