Monday, February 2, 2015

Please send this day, thy spirit from above

Well, it's February, this past week we did quite a bit, it's still kind of hard to remember it all, we had our culture night and that was all fun and we're planning to have a good end of the transfer.
Like I said, we went to Orava castle last week and that was really cool and we just kept on working like I said we did. We travelled a lot and we did work with the members and it was just a decent week I think. Then we also went to our culture night and that was very fun. We went and saw an orchestra and the director was Russian and they did some songs by the guy who composed the nutcracker. It was good and rather funny. The director had this super long gray hair and was dancing around and stuff like that, it was really quite funny. There was this kid behind us that was probably 10 years old and he was cracking up, his mom was trying to calm him down. I looked around and realized the only people laughing were me, and the other Elders and this kid. Guess I'm still just immature haha.

We also did a lot of service this week again, like last week we were helping this one man renovate this house he has outside of Zilina. This week, we worked on putting on baseboards, but they're a little different than baseboard at home, they're made out of plastic and you screw them onto the wall, it's kind of lame and not very sturdy but they look good and that's all they care about. We also learned this week that everyone makes their houses out of concrete and not wood so that when they have a fire in their house in a fireplace, that they won't burn themselves down.  Kind of interesting.

This week about our investigators was fun. We continued to teach our people and we found a lot of cool people that we're going to teach this coming week that we're pretty excited about. One of the girls we just found while on a short train ride to another city. We were just sitting there and then our train stops at the stop and then this other train pulls up next to us and stops and makes us run late.  So I just said to this girl , well where are you going?  This young girl in our cabin told us and we talked and asked us if we're from Slovakia. She asked us what we do here and I told her and then asked her a few more questions about herself and then she asked if there was anything we wanted to tell her about the Book of Mormon and so we told her and then we asked if she would have interest to meet and she said of course, and that she would bring her friend to our meeting.  So we have that tomorrow. So we're excited for them. We also taught this other guy about faith and about how he needs to trust us a little bit and take a leap of faith and he said oh yeah I trust you, there's no problem with that and all that kind of stuff.  Then we visited him and he seemed kind of down but then we helped him to feel better. So all in all, a good week.

Well that's really everything that I have to share this week, thanks for all the support and love and have a great week.
Elder Ferrell

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