Monday, January 26, 2015

Fighting the good fight (photos of Orava castle and Orava)


Orava Castle
Well, this is the final week of the first month of 2015, that's very very exciting, time seems to have picked up right where it left off. It felt a little bit like time slowed down and basically stopped during Christmas and stuff, even though the days seemed to go by too quickly, time just sort of slowed to a halt which is what it does every year and then it's over and you wonder where it went, it's kind of a paradox, but without fail time has picked up a again and we'll be ending January here pretty soon and then February will be beginning. It has really hit me lately that I'm coming home soon, and it's scary because I still feel like a young missionary and I still feel like I have tons of time. Even though I really only have 5 months, which is not a lot of time considering where we started, with 25 months left. I think it will be weird to come home but it will also feel natural, but for the next 5 months it doesn't matter, I just need to focus on what I'm doing now and live more in the moment, it's something that I have started doing, just living in the now and enjoying the little things and what's going on in my mission now, rather than always looking towards the future.
Orava castle close to where Elder Ferrell's ancestors are from

from top of the castle
Well this past week wasn't extremely eventful, we just worked like usual and we found some cool people, Elder Boam had an exchange with the zone leaders and because they didn't want to come twice they just had one with Elder Sharp and one with Elder Boam. Elder Boam was able to go to Bratislava and see how work is over there and see the city and stuff and he was pretty excited about that. He talked about it fora long time and I'm sure he will be talking about it a lot in his weekly letter home haha but it was fun. I had another exchange with Elder Brousseau and that went well, we did some good work and found some really cool people. Actually this past week, on Friday we talked to these 2 young guys and it was actually kind of a miracle we talked to them because we were chasing this one woman with a stroller down and we were on the other side of a river but there was an entrance to this park and we were hoping she was going to turn towards us so that we could contact her but then she never did and we just decided to talk to these 2 young guys instead and they stopped and they gave us their number and said we could meet. The best part though was that they were from Trstena, and I asked them if they knew and paneks and they said they knew a lot of them, so probably at least some of them are there still. Other than that we helped a man on his house that he's trying to prepare to sell and that was cool it actually looks pretty decent up stairs but the downstairs is a giant mess, but the man was extremely grateful for it. We also just taught our investigators this week and they're doing wonderful.
The castle tour
This week we didn't find any new investigators so that was a bummer but with the ones that we do have we made tremendous progress with them. With the family we met both days and they're really cool, it seems to me that they don't really know what they believe and that these things don't really have any meaning for them. So the goal is to try and help them develop a love for gospel things and have them mean something for them in their life. They're just great in general and I hope that over time they will find the need to join the church, but until then we'll try our hardest to help them onto that path. We met with this new guy who is a miracle and wanted a book about Jesus and he's really awesome, he's been reading and he read 8 chapters last week. He really likes it he says, he talks about how Nephi is a great guy and Laban isn't haha and how he deserved what he got. He then asked us if he could come to church and get to know more members and people like us because he likes us and he likes the spirit we bring to him, he also likes English haha. We met with a few other people and they're progressing but not too much, we just need to them all to start reading and get into the scriptures and find out for themselves if it's true. A lot of people sometimes will read a bit and they don't like it or don't understand it, or are already convinced that it isn't true, and then tell us that haha. They really just need an open heart and then everything will be fine and they will find the answer they're looking for, but we'll keep on trying with them all!
The rest of this week was pretty much the same, but next week will be about the same too. Today we're going to visit Orava castle, here in about 40 minutes so I'll have to get off and that's why we got on this early haha. We will both get on for another half hour sometime else we'll just see exactly when. On the 14th I have another Branch training meeting, this time it's in Brno, I will probably have to go to that. Then on the 16th it's transfers. Everything is just going to go so fast. Well, that's pretty much everything that I have, thanks for all of the support and love, I hope you all have a wonderful week and a great rest of January, thanks again and be safe!
Elder Ferrell

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