Wednesday, January 21, 2015

When thou art converted, strengthen thy brethren (photos)


Well, we're in the second half of January like the title says, time is just flying by, it seems as if it were yesterday that the transfer was starting and that it was Christmas, but of course time doesn't wait for us to catch up we just have to live with it. This week was pretty good we didn't do a whole lot different. We had a training and we did the foreign police for a day and then we just basically worked for the rest of the week. We taught we found and we're hoping to baptize sometime. Really though, we're working hard and even though the work is challenging sometimes and we feel discouraged at times, we just have to power through and know that it will all be better on the other side. With that though, we've just been trying to be on top of things and take the opportunities that are presented to us, and with that we'll get into the letter.

The beginning of this week was going to training and that was exciting as trainings are always fun. It's great that we get trainings once a month and not once every 3 months because apparently, according to what President McConkie told us was that in most missions, trainings only happen that often and he had to make a decision to change it or leave it as it is, he decided to leave it as it is, he said it would be more challenging but worth it in the long run. Who knows, maybe the next guy will change it, but hah, I won't be here for that, but Elder Boam will. Anyways, we talked about the 10 key points of being a missionary to have a successful mission and to continue to do better. The great part about it though was that on each point it was basically a testimony meeting where individual people, the AP's, Zone Leaders, Sister Trainer Leader and President and his Wife bore testimony and a few thoughts on each point and just really helped us understand the importance of each bullet point. It was pretty cool, and it was nice to have those points put down into a format that we can use to improve ourselves and reach for that goal. After the training was interviews for our district except for Elder Boam because he's already had one, at least it was supposed to be. So, since the next day we were supposed to do the foreign police and the other 2 trainers were going to leave their companions with me so they could go back and do some work, I asked if everyone had everything and then we were going to get everything else they needed. One of the Elders, Elder Brown, wound up leaving his passport in Zvolen which was very necessary for the next day, we of course couldn't do anything without it. So, president tells us to take the Zone Leader's car and have me drive the 3 of them back to Zvolen and then back for the next day, so I did that, and the best part was that the car is a stick there now, so I was pretty happy. It was not that great of a car and a little weird but it was fun nonetheless. The only problem was that I didn't get an interview which I was kind of mad about but whatever, what are ya gonna do hey?

The rest of the week was cool, we met with our investigators and we just really tried hard to focus on those key points, especially when we were finding. We had an exchange this week as well, I was with Elder Sharp this time and it was fun, I really like Elder Sharp he's a fun guy to be around, we worked hard though to talk to people and make sure they know why we are here and what we're offering. it may be that we won't have as many lessons or something or that we don't get to hang out with as many people but it is good because it means that we won't be wasting our time with anyone who will never join the church. It sounds bad to say but if they have no goal or desire and just want to talk then it really isn't a good situation for us. We met with a man though who is so extremely prepared this last week. He comes to us and says he needs to practice English so we say that we can help but that we need to talk about gospel things and he said that is fine. He told us how he was looking for a place to learn english and learn about God and then he found us and was so happy. Then he asked us on Saturday that if we knew where he could find book about Jesus Christ and we told him that we actually had a book that we wanted to give him about Jesus Christ and so he said he will read it and tell all of his family about it and he wants to invite all of his family to listen to the discussions. So we're pretty pumped about this guy and he has such major potential and is so very much prepared! 

Today we had some fun as well, we help Brother Seidl with his work. He cuts down trees for a, living and stuff like it, and he said he could use help cutting down this one tree and so we agreed of course and we did that this morning. It was really fun, he just climbs up the tree and cuts it with a chainsaw and then we grab the branches and feed it into a wood chipper and it was really cool and really fast, he's a pro at it. Then today we also met with the family in Vrutky and they're doing well, they were in the hospital for awhile with their son because he had some problems but he's all good now and they're super nice we're moving them along and they're doing great I think haha but we'll keep working with them.

Anyways that's pretty much everything that I have for you, I love you all, thanks for the support and the prayers have a great week and a safe one!

Elder Ferrell

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