Monday, January 12, 2015

And bless His works and bless His words

Well this week has gone by so incredibly fast and as a consequence of it, I am extremely tired, I haven't been sleeping too well lately, I think it's mainly just because I think about a lot of things when I go to bed because there is no other time to think about things.  It's just work work work all the time with only breaks to eat and sleep. As well Elder B does this moaning thing in his sleep, I have no clue as to why he does it because it's not associated with his dreams or anything he just moans a lot haha. We joke about it often. other than that, this week we were finally able to do some real work as well as our heater just got fixed and so we've been enjoying warm nights again. It was a really good week though, fantastic week as far as investigators go.  We had a lot of fun and we saw many miracles.

This week we just commenced to work like how we're supposed to. We did some contacting and tracting and all that sort of stuff, we had an exchange this week and we just worked normally. I feel as though it was the same old same old that we always do but the results are just different and the people were too. We went to our family and visited them and that was great.  We had district meeting and ate some good pizza and that is always great. We taught some of our previous investigators but most of them unfortunately aren't progressing a whole ton. Really the family is our best investigators which isn't a bad thing, they're doing wonderfully. The Father said to us last Monday that he has started praying by himself at nights and he said, "it's been wonderful" and that he's been doing it for a solid 2 weeks straight now, I am so incredibly proud of him.  He's doing so great. Their entire family is just doing wonderfully. This week as well though we saw miracles, this man came to English class and was in our class and he asked us whether we could meet privately, so we told him of course. He wound up being a wonderful guy who has a strong faith in God and is very very prepared. He told us that he was praying to Jesus Christ  on Tuesday so that he could learn English better and then his mom came home and gave him our flyer and he read it and then saw the name Church of Jesus Christ, and he took that as an answer from God. He says God has answered his prayers and now he wants to learn English and learn the gospel. It was a wonderful encounter! We also visited a previous investigator this week, he takes care of his Mom who has had a stroke and also her leg amputated and he also talks a ton. He's really fun and nice and very grateful for the company and he said he is willing to try learning about the gospel. He also asked us if we could help him clean his apartment and paint it and stuff so we're going to also serve him and we're very excited about that.

This previous week we didn't really do anything fun, I went on exchanges with Elder Brouuseau and Elder Sharp was with Elder Boam, it was a fine exchange.  We did some work and taught this one guy who was very very nice. We were going to have our culture night and go to a jazz concert but they were all booked and we weren't able to unfortunately. We went on a hike the previous week. I just forgot to send pictures of it but I will send them this week for sure. I don't really know what else. I'm kind of boring now, I'm getting to the point where I don't care about going on a lot of adventures and I would rather just sleep haha. They're fun but, I've seen enough and I think sleeping would help me more so that I can be better and more awake for the investigators and everyone.

Well this coming week is going to be a bit shorter because we have training tomorrow in Bratislava. Then Elder Boam and I have to stay the night there until the next day when we can go to the Foreign Police so that he can get his Visa work done. It has to be on a Wednesday and it has to be soon so that's why we're doing it now. So we probably won't get home to Zilina until Wednesday afternoon or night.  We'll see how long everything takes. This is the 4th time that I've had to do this so I know the ropes haha. A funny story though, today happened, where we were at Tesco which is a store like Wal-mart here. We use our cards there usually and they have a special thing where they have to press these buttons specifically or else it won't work and they will give us the money back. So I tell them to do it this way after they didn't do it right the first few times and she says, "no, she's doing it right." So she calls someone else over and they try it and I tell them they need to do it this way but then she responds," we know what we're doing what, "are you going to teach us how to do our jobs?" I told them, "well, I've done this many times and they said you can't pay that way", so I ask them to just try it my way and it works.   Then the lady says, "aha well aren't you a smart kid, we should give you a job"  haha. Just a funny story from the day.

Well that's everything, thanks for all of the help and support, I wish you all a wonderful week and happy New Year, I love you all!

Elder Ferrell

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