Monday, November 17, 2014

Teach me to know of the things that are right

Well, we're halfway done with this transfer and it's gone by super quickly like it always does and I'm really just trying to keep track of time, I imagine that these next few weeks will go by rather quickly since it's coming up on Christmas time and then after Christmas things will just go by that much faster, so all in all, things just will be going by super quick and I won't be able to see where all the time is going. This week though has been rather good.  We have been out of town for some of it and we have been rather busy a lot of the time as it is.  We've been doing some really crazy things and we had some things go on this week that were just nuts. And then as well this next week is going to be great as well with the training and all of those things.  But I guess we can continue with this wonderful week of surprises and really cool adventures.

Well, at the beginning of the week we didn't have a lot of time because as usual we went and taught the family that we are currently teaching and then on the next day we had a lot of fun because it was district meeting.  When we have district meetings we always have a district lunch together and this week was special because we decided that we wanted to do a roast and mashed potatoes and gravy together.  But unfortunately they didn't have a beef roast so we had to settle for pork meat but that's no matter.  So we had a roast and I made gravy and mashed potatoes and then we topped it all off with some home made pumpkin pie which was delicious because Elder Sharp was craving pie so he's been making a lot of pumpkin pie and it's so good haha. I think, I will probably try and steal the recipe from him haha. Then the next day we basically spent the entire day in a city that's an hour and a half away from Zilina and we were visiting a member there who had recently moved from Brno and her 9 year old son and that was very nice and they're really great people. Then the next day was more normal and we were able to stay in the city and do what we normally do.  Then Friday we went yet again to Martin so of the 7 days this week we were out of Zilina for 5 of them.  It was still very productive at least from my point of view. Then on Saturday we were driven by Samuel Seidl to Uherske Hradiste where we had a training for leaders of the branches.  It was in Czech and I didn't understand completely all of it but it was basically about tithing and about tithing settlement. It was okay, a little dry at times but rather helpful.  It was also very fun to see people there and to meet all of the branch presidents. President McConkie was there and I talked with him for a little bit and that was nice.  All in all it was pretty fun and then we had church on Sunday and I taught the Young Women because we had wanted them to Skype with a branch in the Czech Republic.  But it wasn't going to work out so I wound up teaching that class and that was fun, I stole a page out of Dad's book and had them write letters to the missionaries in the Branch haha.

The people though are doing fine.  We haven't had a ton of time to meet with our investigators this week because of time constraints.  But our family is still doing wonderful like they always are.  We're headed to them again today, I think the mom absolutely loves it and the father likes it because it makes his wife happy haha.  But they're doing wonderfully, at least according to me. Then we also haven't met with our Chinese friend.  We're going to try and go there tomorrow I think and then this week we also met with our friend from Norway and that was a miracle lesson because, he has a roommate from Brazil that is studying with him. His roommate was there and we talked to him only for a moment and then he had to go to a party. Then after the lesson we were talking with our friend and we said that he probably knows Mormons and he told us that he actually is a Mormon, just less-active. He didn't know this until he told his roommate this a few days earlier and his roommate told him that he actually was a Mormon and that his parents are still active and all this stuff. So we're definitely heading back there this week and we hope this guy is going to be there and we can talk to him.  Our friend from Norway is really awesome though too.  He's just a really nice guy and we love talking to him and he is a good little reader.  He asked us for homework haha. Our JW friend read a bit but can't get over the Jehovah is God, thing, he says he can't believe the Book of Mormon because nowhere does it say that Jehovah is God's name. It's kind of exhausting and I'm not sure we'll go by his house anymore. Our friend from Portugal was in Vienna this week so we couldn't meet with him for sure this next week we're going to meet with him and he seems pretty excited about it, and so do we. We have been doing well this past week even though time was at a minimum but it's nice being busy.

Well, that's everything that I have for you all today thanks for all of your letters and support that you have shown and given me, I love you all and wish you all a great week from Slovakia!

Elder Ferrell

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