Monday, November 10, 2014

High on the mountain top (photos)

Castle visited close to Zilina

View from castle

Hello everyone. My life is flashing before my eyes.  Well not really.  My life isn't actually flashing before my eyes.  Time is just going extremely quickly.  We're actually almost half way through this transfer, and we're already a third way through this month.  It's nuts, Me and Elder Dupre are just trying to hold on as everything is just flying so fast. This past week we did pretty normal.  We taught quite a few lessons and we found a few people and things are just kind of at a stand still because half of our investigators are away.  But they all come back this week so we're pretty excited for that ha-ha. Nothing crazy happened this week that I cant think of except today we found out that there is a different kind of Kofola out,. It's called cinnamon Kofola and it's completely new and is pretty good tasting. Few of you know what Kofola is but it's a very big soda here, and it's very very good especially with Halusky. 
Anyways this week we decided on a few things as a district and one thing was that we would make a roast for district meeting, which is going to be awesome because I'm going to make the gravy and the mashed potatoes, and Elder Sharp for his birthday is making us a pumpkin pie. So we're super excited for that because it means some really good food and that I get to remember a little bit of home. We also decided that we're going to do a Christmas concert probably on the 12th of December, it's going to be a little bit harder because we're not allowed to do it with the Trencin district which is a bummer because we sort of needed them because they had girls and people that can actually sing ha-ha.   But no matter, we're still going to make it an epic concert anyway. We also decided as a branch that we would have a Christmas dinner down in Banska Bystrica. So I'll probably be going to that and then this week we're headed to the Czech Republic, me and probably Elder Dupre. It will be this Saturday and we're going to get a branch President Training and all that good stuff. It will be in a city called Uherske Hradiste which is small city which was in Elder Dupre's first district because Zlin is a small place.  So he's pretty excited.  We just need to make sure that Elder Dupre should come because I theoretically could go with Samuel Seidl but we'll see how it all works out.  But it's going to be freaking great!
As far as our missionary work its going pretty well, this week was rather normal.  We're exhausted but we always seem to find energy for our investigators and for the people on the street. We have had some pretty cool meetings and contacts with people on the street lately.  Maybe it's the Christmas spirit or maybe it's because we're praying a lot more now.  But people are seemingly more nice to us and it's really cool. We're still meeting with the family and our goal for them really is to teach them everything and try and help them realize the necessity of the gospel in their lives and about how it ca be a great benefit in their family as well, which they pretty much already see. I think the mother already has a bit of a testimony about it and I think she would like to do more as well but it's just hard currently for her. So our plan for them is to continue teaching them and basically just tell them after they've learned everything that they know it all and that all of those things are true and that we know it and that because we know it and we love it we decided to enter into an agreement with God because we wanted even more blessings and we also want to thank God for the blessings that we've already received just from the knowledge, it's still a work in progress but I think it will be good. We haven't had time to meet with our Norway friend, or rather he's been gone as well as our Jehovah's Witness friend and then our Asian friend is currently reading but we still need a concrete sit-down meeting with him. Luckily though we found a guy from Brazil who is going to be here for a year or so and we're starting to teach him and he's pretty receptive and rather awesome if I may say, but anyways things are really going fantastically and I love it so so much. Things in the branch are also going well and we're just working and working and going and going, it's really wonderful.  All these people are just great.
Well that's pretty much our week, I'll probably have more for you following the training that I'll have just by experiences mainly. Plus next week we're going to have another training already which is nuts because we just had one ha-ha. But I'm doing well and I’m trying to love every minute of my mission because I don't have very much left of it, it's just a little hard because it requires me to think about the future and about how I'm going to see my mission in 20 years, I hope that I can say that IO did my best and nothing more is required but, well, I don't know ha-ha, but in the mean time, I'll just work and all that. Anyways thanks for everything, all the support and the love, I love you all and wish you a great and wonderful week :)
Elder Ferrell

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