Monday, November 24, 2014

So trusting my all to thy tender care, and knowing thou lovest me (photos)

District Lunch
Elder Ferrell and breakfast

Hello everyone, this week like all the others was full of a lot of things, I'm currently feeling the heat of being the Branch President as well as trying to be a missionary and do it all,  It’s hard, but rewarding.  It's not impossible and it just means that I have to be a bit more trusting with others that they will be able to do the work and I need to trust God a little bit more. Overall, however, it was a great week filled with a lot of things that I'm not sure I'll have time to fill you in on everything in detail but I'll try my hardest. Anyways this week was full of our training in Bratislava where I learned a ton and had an interview with president and then as well as working with our investigators and just all in all trying to get everything done in a timely manner but it was great and I wouldn't trade it for the world.
Zilina Elders wearing hats donated by the Phx Az Glendale No. Stake
Well I suppose the first part should probably be about the training that we had on Wednesday and that was awesome like they always are. We talked about what we'll be doing for Christmas and all of that good stuff and then we got down into the meat of the meeting. The main focus on that meeting was just being pumped and having a good attitude about everything, I think that I typically have a good attitude about things but of course I can be better. I suppose we're supposed to be striving towards perfection. I think with that as well I feel like I need to try harder to be a better companion for Elder Dupre because we're both a little stressed out and that can bubble over sometimes and thus I committed myself to be a better companion which will help me in the future as well once I'm married. The next thing we talked out was the little things adding up in our missionary work because currently, we as a mission, are doing pretty well. We do a lot of things right and we try pretty hard to be obedient but there are always those little things, making sure you're on time for things, making sure you wake up exactly at 6:30 and actually exercise and stuff like that. So they gave us a list of questions and asked us if we can honestly say yes to those questions or answer them honestly and then to pick a few and do better with them so we chose to do better in the mornings and during studies to focus better because I've never been a great studier. I just like conversing with my companion about gospel topics ha-ha and other stuff so we're going to do better at that. As well as I had an interview with President and that was cool we just talked about the branch mainly and other stuff like that, as well.   I also got the 2 packages you sent and all of the hats, I'll send a picture of the district wearing hats today so don't worry about that.  It's pretty cool ha-ha.'

It's cold in Zilina

Our investigators are doing well currently.  We think we have dropped our JW friend but we're going to try to set up and have a drop lesson with him just to close the deal and offer him a final chance to learn about the gospel and take it seriously. The family we're teaching are really wonderful.  We're headed there today again and that will be nice.  We went over there this last week and apparently the wife was supposed to text us saying she couldn't be home but we never got the text and so we showed up anyway. The husband said we could stay and we had English with him not really expecting what was going to happen but we wound up having a really nice lesson.   It was really awesome, I feel like we did a little bit of bonding with him and that was very good for us because he said last time that it is usually for his wife but I think he likes us a bit and likes the meetings that we have had with him. Our Chinese friend is a little scared to tell his wife so sometimes when his wife is in the store he won't talk to us but its fine.   We're going to try and talk to him more.  We’ll see how it goes. We were finally able to set up with the guy from Brazil and we're meeting with him today so we're excited for that and that we can finally actually teach him. I hope he goes somewhere we're going to pray for it really hard, he seems so good. Our friend from Norway is super awesome as well, I see a lot of progress in him, he reads the Book of Mormon before every meeting that we have with him and he tells us that it's really hard for him to believe because he's skeptic.  But we think that's a big step to consider believing at all , so it's really awesome. We're trying our hardest to be fruitful and find a lot of people for Christmas and be productive then, but it's hard.  We're going to try our hardest,  We did a ton of calls on Sunday of all formers taught within the last 2 years and that has yielded some results actually so we're going to keep doing it probably.
Well that’s pretty much everything for now we're looking forward to this next week as we're going to make pumpkin pies it's going to be great and wonderful and delicious. We're planning on making it for the entire branch but we'll see, I never say we definitely will just in case something happens. I’m excited for these last 3 weeks with Elder Dupre, I already know I'll be staying here again that's confirmed and I'll be here for Christmas, I will be able to skype on Christmas so don't have to worry about that. We can discuss a time later and I'm super excited about having a new niece, at least it means that I won't miss another nephew or niece as long as I'm on my mission, I hope. I hope they're all doing well and give them my best wishes. I hope Uncle Kurt is doing better and that everything will go fine with him. I love you all and hope that you all will have great and wonderful weeks and safe week as well.
Elder Ferrell

interesting sunset

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