Monday, October 6, 2014

I will not, I cannot, desert to my foes. (President Zilina, slovakia branch)

It's officially the end of another transfer, this being the last week, and we're doing really well here. We're still riding on the high of J getting baptized, he's such a cool man because we gave him the priesthood yesterday and yesterday he shared his testimony and it was just really really nice and he's so ready and willing to offer a helping hand. His testimony was about how not a lot of people come to church and that every one of us has an effect on the people around us and that we need to make sure that we bring people back to the faith of Jesus Christ and it was just all around funny and great. This week went by really quickly though and I was just nervous about Sunday the entire time because I had to do a lot of things like lead the meeting and say everything correctly and give a blessing and do the finances and this week we have to worry about conference and I also have to do the quarterly report for the branch this week and I have to worry about Banska because they as well are under us, like you said.

Well, this week we also had our exchange and it was pretty nice, I was with Elder Garlick and Elder Mason was with Elder Ringger and it was good, we worked hard, got a few lessons and numbers and then met with a girl the next day on Saturday and that was good. I just learned that I need to be patient and work with the air of patience around me. Patience with my companions and patience with the investigators and members and with people on the street.  Just being patient is very important. It was my goal that I wanted to accomplish on the exchange and I think it has been successful.  Our patience wasn't very tried at all the entire day but it was good. We had lunch together and we just worked like normal on the day. It's really quite hard to remember everything that happened this week because it all just went so quickly.

As far as investigators we met with a really cool girl who is 19 and has always been interested in our church and wanted to read the Book of Mormon. She's atheist and we challenged her to feel for herself the truth of the Book of Mormon. She said she would and we will probably meet with her and her friend the following Friday. At game night we had J there and another investigator and J P who is a really cool guy who is super nice and was a big friend to the Wrightsons. The Wrightsons say that he would call them and say hey, are you home? They would say yeah, and then he would say okay I'm downstairs and then eh would hang out with them for a couple of hours. It was almost like he lived there and was their son, he ate dinner with us a couple times. Another miracle that happened this week though, happened yesterday. We had just previously gotten yelled at a couple times on our way to go tracting where we had placed a letter saying we would come tract and stating what our intentions were. We get to the first apartments and no one answers but a guy was leaning out his window and asked us who we were going to see and we told him why we were there. Then he got mad and started yelling at us and saying why do you bother people so much. So we walked to the next one and he was still yelling and we rang on a few doors and one old lady answered and couldn't hear us well. Then she exclaimed, wait you're the 2 boys who left the letter, come on up I'm on the 2nd floor. She opened the door and let us in and her husband was there and didn't want us to come in and we went in the kitchen so he could watch TV, then after about 4 minutes he came in and sat in the kitchen and listened to us. They're both pretty old and lonely but we had a nice talk and the wife said she would try to come to church. They didn't have a ton of interest but it was the first time that I've ever been let in tracting so that was pretty cool for me and new haha.

Well that's everything for this week, we have transfers next week, I know that I'll be staying. I can't say that President will be putting another experienced missionary with me because President McConkie does different things than the previous President, so maybe he will, maybe he won't.  No clue. We also have conference this coming week as well and just a lot of fun things that we're pretty excited for, including 2 exchanges within the district. I have been lazy and haven't set those up yet but it'll be fine.  Thanks for the letters and for everything. I love you all and wish you all a wonderful and safe week.   Talk to you later!

Elder Ferrell

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