Monday, October 13, 2014

Because I have been given much, I too must give

Well, this week was averagely exciting and pretty good as far as the work goes and then of course it was also transfers with which comes a whole different type of excitement and nervousness hoping that you get good companions or you might get a special assignmnet and this week was no different except in a minor note. The AP's called us on Friday rather than the usual Saturday and thus we were not ready for it, and not expecting it whatsoever. So I know that every time we have transfers I try and string you a lot a little bit until you just can't stand it and then I tell you who my companion and this time will be no different but maybe I'll just start the next paragraph with it and all of the information about transfers with it.
So, my new companion is a surprising one, it is none other than Elder Dupre, from the Czech Republic. The AP's called us while we were on exchanges and I was with Elder Ellingson and they told me that Elder Dupre would be coming to Slovakia with me. We were together in the MTC and have seen each other often at zone trainings as he's spent his entire mission in the same zone. He's coming here and he's really excited and sort of freaked out because of it. He came from a city called Olomouc and was there for 4 months. It's really quite funny because he hasn't had any added responsibility yet,  but I think he will probably be called into something next transfer. He's a funny guy and I think we're going to have a blast and do good work out here and we're going to work hard and all that stuff. I figured that Elder Ringger and Elder Garlick would stay together but tis not so. Elder Ringger left for Kosice with Elder Clark and Elder Jardine from Elder Garlick's group came back to Bratislava and are now both Zone leaders together. Elder Lamb went to the Czech Republic for his last transfer in Liberec, he was surprised about that. As well as happy news is that Elder Christensen is training so I now have a grandson. At least I will pretty soon here. Elder Roosendaal also came back from the Czech Republic and is in Nitra with Elder Brousseau, so some exciting stuff for him. As well another tid bit is that I'm not the district leader anymore which I am good with and Elder Sharp came here to Elder Ellingson and he is the new district leader. That's pretty much everything on transfers. I'll send you the paper copy update next week when they send them out as they haven't done it yet.
As far as the work side of things, this week was great as we were able to finally rack up 4 new investigators this week and almost got 6 as a total but we weren’t able to swing it. This week we set up a meeting in Vrutky which is a small city away from Zilina with a family of 4 that the sisters had previously taught but they sort of stopped progressing, but the mom really wants to keep going. So the sisters came down with us to introduce us to them and we had a really great meeting with them in which we set up 2 times during the week where we come and teach them English and a lesson.  So we're excited for them and hope that they progress well. We also talked with our new convert member here, Jozef, about going to the temple this week and we're pretty sure that he's going to be able to go and that Sam Seidl will go with him.  I's always been taught to us that members who visit the temple stay in the church so that's what we're going for and we talked to him earlier and he has the desire to do so. So that's the goal.  We have to move now so that he makes it and work out all of the logistics and everything like that. We also had a meeting while I was on exchange with this girl who is really sweet and atheist but really interested in our religion and wanted to read the Book of Mormon.  She's really nice and cool and is very humble and even though she professes that she doesn't believe, I know she believes in God she just doesn't like her church all that much so we're going to try and build her testimony. The work is moving forward and we're going to work hard and baptize everyone possible this transfer and the ones to come!
Well, that's pretty much everything, we're going to have to go to Vrutky twice a week this transfer and Brother Duris wants to make us Halusky on the 25th so that means 3 times to Vrutky that week and then eventually we need to head out to Banska and do a few interviews down there for some of the members temple recommends, so we'll have to make that trip this week or the next. Anyways I love you all and thank you so much for all of the support, I hope you have an amazing week and a wonderful and safe time!
Elder Ferrell

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