Monday, September 29, 2014

Lead me. Guide me. Walk beside me (because I am going to need it) (photos in zilina and baptism)

This week was probably one of the most interesting because there were just so many things that went on. We saw so many miracles and so many great things that happened with training and the Wrightson's leaving it was such a wonderful and spiritual experience for me and for my companion and pretty much for everyone.  It really has helped me to become better in everything and help me learn and grow so that I can be a better missionary and a better person in general.  It has been great. It was so good because I see it now as results to actions that I have made among other things.  So this week was full of spiritual moments, sad moments and powerful moments.
My spiritual moments this week come from a multitude of things mainly having to deal with training and things like that. We had training this Tuesday and so we get done and we're going to head over there the morning of and get to Kosice, which is wonderful.  We get there and have our training. We learned about finding and about being spiritual and what that actually means. I realized that I need to be more spiritual in my approach to missionary work.  Mainly that my prayers need to be more frequent and more sincere. This isn't what we were taught about but it was something that I had been thinking of for a while and something that I learned through the spirit while I was there. I had let myself get too comfortable and therefore my prayers weren’t the best, thorough, and thought-out. So when I got home, I decided that my prayers will be better, more sincere, not just praying to pray.  The next day we had a lesson with J, and I was praying for him so much and so hard in my heart and at night .In the morning we talked to him and he decided that he wanted to be baptized on Saturday with Julius in Trencin. It was amazing to see the effect on others from just improving my prayers So we were plenty busy with all of that and I just remember praying for him all of the time and just non-stop prayers for him. To add it all on top of this I was pretty sick the entire time, I had a headache every single day this week since Tuesday, a sore throat and a temperature of 100. So, thus J was baptized this last Saturday, and Elder Wrightson who left today baptized him and Elder Mason confirmed him yesterday. So that was an intense spiritual time for me, and I learned a lot from it.
We also had sad moments because it was the Wrightson's last week this week and so we spent a lot of time with them helping them get ready to leave and visiting with them. At church on Sunday, a member of the District Presidency came to release him and call the new branch President. The day before, I got a call from President McConkie and he told me that I would be the Branch President and that I am to help the branch and to try and help someone else take my spot once I leave Zilina. So I am now the branch President.  I really hope I can do a good job and that everyone is happy with what I do.  We'll see how many decisions I actually have to make.  Hopefully not a lot. It was very sad to see them go because they are fantastic people and I told them to look out for Evan and his Mom because they live in Idaho falls.  I don't know Evan's mom's new name but whatever, maybe they'll see each other. I was thinking it out in my head that maybe in 2016 I might make a visit to Idaho Falls to visit the Wrightsons and see Evan.   But we'll see.   It's not too far away and would a ton of fun. So that's why it was sad.
Then some of the powerful moments were just all of the things above. The training was amazing and I learned a lot that I'm hoping to implement this week and we're hoping to see the effects of it. We joke, me and Elder Mason, by saying no new investigators but still baptize someone. 
But we do need to find more people and we're hoping that this week that after working our tails off we'll find some new people to finally teach, it's about time. Then after I was called as the Branch President, we don't get set apart because we're already missionaries.  I was given a blessing and it just seems that so many people have trust in me to lead this branch and so many people are offering me help and the like.  It's really cool to see all the helping hands. Thus it was just powerful, as well we had dinner at the Seidlovci and their family is funny, they're really cool and I love them a ton and it was just like a normal family, everyone teasing each other. Sister Seidlova trying to calm her children down because they're always making funny comments. It was just something very similar to how I remember our family working and it was really funny and just made me feel very much at home. So it was great to be able to visit with hem and participate in a spiritual thought with the other elders there.
Well, that's pretty much everything, it's pretty hot here right now but it definitely cools off in the week. I realized that I did get the cake mix in the package so you don't have to worry about that but thanks again for that it was great and it's very delicious, well that's everything thanks for all of the information and support I love you all so have a great week and a safe one!
Elder Ferrell

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