Monday, October 20, 2014

putting the zeal in zilina

Well, I have officially run out of titles to put on my emails so that was all that I could come up with, kind of lame I know, but whatever, it suits its purpose. This week was a really good one. Actually we got situated and just went back to the plow and began to pull, it was hard but we were finally able to reap some fruits of our efforts this week which I am particularly grateful for. I and Elder Dupre are getting along just fine and everything is going well, no complaints yet, and I think me and Elder Dupre are going to get along well here.
To start by answering a few questions about everything is that Elder Mason went to Trencin and he's there with Elder Asay currently. Elder Dupre is not my counselor but he is an assistant financial clerk so that we can still do the finances when Samuel is gone. We haven't gotten any sisters in Zilina but what has happened is that Sister Seninger stayed in Kosice and is training  1 new sister and Sister Wilson has moved to Trencin and is training 1 new sister and then a sister who extended from the Czech Republic is training in Bratislava and she's training 2 sisters. They're hoping that by the end they will just train each other for the last month of the transfer because this other sister is only allowed to extend for a month so we are wishing them good luck and hope that they don't freak out when the time comes. I'm sure they will be fine though. Elder Dupre will assuredly only be with me for a transfer and will be going back to the Czech Republic next transfer and I'll be here again. I may only be here for 2 more transfers but I think I'll still be here for all but the last transfer of my mission, which is coming up too quickly. It's already getting cold for the last time I think and it's going to be getting down to 2 degrees Celsius this coming week. I'm anticipating snow sometime in the following week and I'm looking forward to it kind of, Elder Dupre hates snow and doesn't want it to snow whatsoever, I think it will and I hope it does just to annoy him :).
We also had a really cool week just meeting with people, we found so many more cool people this week and we did so much better with potentials. We were able to find 11 pretty solid potentials this week and set up with like 7 of them, and we didn't have a ton of time to do it because we had to take care of a bunch of stuff and travel to Vrutky. This last week we had our first English lesson and spiritual thought with the Wagner’s who are the absolute coolest people that have ever walked the face of the earth and they are so nice and have the cutest little family. It was just an awesome lesson with them as well and Elder Dupre commented on how cool they were as well and he liked them a lot ha-ha. We also met with a woman named Anna who is an older lady but is super nice and super friendly and likes to talk to us, we're not sure about her interest in the church but she is like, who cares if you're not catholic you're nice and I see no problem in talking with you two. Then we also found this really cool guy from China named Tea. He is really awesome and is from China, we just visited him at his store which is right across the street from the library. It's this massive store with a lot of clothes and really cheap too. He's been here in Slovakia for 15 years and speaks some Slovak. In fact, he’s probably the best speaker of Slovak who is Asian that I've ever heard so. We have to get him a Book of Mormon in Chinese because we don't have one for him but he said he'll read it. He says I speak Slovak very well for only being here for a year and a half and that God must help me with it. He's golden and super cool; I can't wait to continue to teach him.
It's really cool to be here in Zilina, we just sat down on a bench once and looked around and it is really just a pretty place. This transfer is going to go so quickly and I know that after that it's just going to get faster and faster, it's an exciting thought, but it is truly scary. I never thought I would have said that at the beginning of my mission because at the beginning, I was really excited to go home but now that's changed, time just moves too quickly.  We need to bask in the time that we have remaining.
We have a really cool week planned out though because we're going to Vrutky 3 times this week. Twice for the Wagners and once for Halusky with Brat Duris. He also said we're his best friends, Mission accomplished. This week is actually the last full week before training; it's crazy that it's going to be so soon, ahhhhh. Me and Elder Dupre are pumped and we're going to kill it. Thanks again for all of your letters and emails and words of encouragement. I wish you all a safe week and happy week!
Elder Ferrell

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