Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Pounding the pavement, faith in every footstep

It's really crazy that September is almost half over and that this transfer is more than half over, it's crazy because last year at this time I was being trained and the first week of October we had transfers and I started my second transfer in the field, the time just goes too quick, I don't know how to stop it from going so quickly. Since it's going so quick I need to really pick up the pace and work a lot harder, I don't want regrets when I end my mission that I didn't work hard enough, so me and Elder Mason are really going to try super hard this week, harder than we ever have, which will be hard because we have been working pretty hard in the first place but that doesn't matter. It was a normal week, went by super quick and left my head spinning with how fast the time went.
Well, at the beginning of the week we just went about our normal time we met with J and he's doing great.  He said this next baptism will be a baptism for the higher, and that he's not planning a big celebration but he definitely wants ot get baptised we just need to get him off coffee and this week and for that we're going to plan a super powerful lesson for him and we're going to try to go over to his house and get rid of his coffee for him because he needs to stop it this week if he is going to get baptised and we're pretty sure he does and so that's our plan with him. He is a really great guy and just needs that push.  He knows that this baptism is important and that the church is true, we just need him to act on it.  We're going to have to really spell it out to him and make it real for him that he's getting baptised on the 27th.  There are so many people who are getting baptised this coming week and then also on the 27th its crazy haha. We were also able to find some of the coolest people that I've ever found here in Zilina.  This girl, and she was living in England for a year and came back 2 weeks ago, we had a meeting seet up with her today but we had to cancel because we will be in Trencin but she said she will come to English.  T hen we can meet with her then  She's super great and really prepared. Then with the rest of our investigators, it's quite hard to meet with them and so we're just trying our hardest to find new people and to meet with the sisters previous investigators.  We have to do better and we will.  I  have faith thtat we will.
On Saturday it was also sister Wrightsons birthday so we celebrated that, at church, by eating some brownies that sister Wrightson made haha and eating ice cream so that was fun. I also taught Sunday School in our new only 2 hour long church, I think it's a positive move especially since a lot of people were not there. We had two visitors from Indiana and Utah.  They are living in Zvolen for 3 weeks while they work for someone. One of them was named Garner, like Elder Garner so that was a funny thing to talk about. J heard it was her birthday and then ran home and got her a picture that he had recently painted and gave it to her.  It was abstract  the Holy Ghost that he painted. He had also given President Wrightson a picture of Christ for his birthday before so that was pretty cool to see. This week we will have our concerts in Trencin and here in Zilina. We go to Trencin today and here it's on Friday. E is going to play her flute for us and it's going to be great with her playing for us. She's crazy talented, she can play the guitar, Flute, and the Piano all very very well it's really awesome.
Well that's pretty much everything that I can think of for this week, I had meant to take pictures this week so that I could send them home but I wasn't able to unfortunately. I will try to do that this week because I'm kind of falling behind.   But sorry, this letter is a bit short I just can't really think of too many amazing things that happened.  It's just been good in general and I'm tired, like always. We're really excited for conference in Kosice a week from today because we're going to get BIG Burger!. Thanks for all of your letters and support and letting me in on everything that's been going on.  It's really nice to be in the loop. I love you all and I hope that you're all having wonderful weeks and having safe times, wherever you're at!

Elder Ferrell

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