Tuesday, September 23, 2014

When I in awesome wonder (and photos)

Elders apartment (nicest of his mission)
Elder Mason

Package from home (I think it would have been cheaper to fly over and give it to him

At the concert

At concert hall

With the Wrightson's

Things are going good here, this week we experienced what the locals call a baba Zima, which means a girl winter in Slovak or a weak winter which means a week in September that is very comfortable and the perfect weather for everyone to go on hikes, and fishing, and mushroom hunting which is a favorite of many people here, so this week has been a very comfortable week but it's going to get colder, tomorrow the high is supposed to be 12 degrees which is a drastic change from the 22 it's been all week and that changes in 2 days and just drops 10 degrees. We're getting into it, and to think we've already been in this transfer for 2/3rds of it and we're coming to the final stretch. This transfer has just gone so quickly I don't know exactly what happened, the time just goes by and I just watch it go without being able to control it. I'm a little afraid of Christmas because I know that my time out here is short after Christmas as the beginning of this year went by so quickly. Things will be bittersweet but it's going to be great as a whole, like our mission president says , we just have to hug it all. Well, this week was filled with our concerts and a conference from the district and just fun things in general and we've been working our butts off like before and it's coming along.
Well the first part was that we had our concerts in Trencin and Zilina this week. The first one was in Trencin on Tuesday and that went good we sang well, we had all of the members there and 1 or 2 investigators there I think, we didn't have a lot of time to prepare or advertise thus it was quite difficult to get people there. The Wrightson's loved it and I think we sang very well for how long we had to practice. Then on Friday we had out concert in Zilina. We had one of our investigators sing and play the recorder with us and that went well. Her son was missing her and wanted to be a part of the show so he came up and hugged her legs ha-ha. He’s a really cute kid and likes me and Elder Mason a lot. We had some of the members and some of our investigators, nothing too big but it was fun nonetheless. Concerts are fun things to do but they take a lot of preparation and I don't think they necessarily work a whole ton in certain areas, I'd rather go out contacting but that's just my personal philosophy, but we have to do things that will get our message out to those that wouldn't really stop for us on the street so. Plus the members and the missionaries like doing it so, I guess that's a bonus for them.
This week we had some meetings with our investigators. J is still unsure whether he will get baptized this week and so we're going to get a concrete answer out of him and if he's not then we want him to set up a day himself and then he can follow that. I think he has progressed a lot more than before we met him but baptism is just the thing that gets in his way, we'll keep working with him and we'll be praying and fasting on whether we should keep going with him or not. We met with a new girl this week and she feels like she has lost faith in God and wants it back. She has small faith but wants the big faith that she had in him before. So we're working with her and the interesting thing is that this girl is actually a referral and she's a referral that Elder Mason got back in Bratislava so it was really funny and she's really cool. I also called this guy who I met with 3 times in 20 hours before he left for America and he just came back this week and is back studying in Bratislava. I talked with him and he has a lot of interest in meeting with missionaries back in Bratislava and is super super prepared he's so great. I definitely want to attend his baptism if I'm able to because we had a really good relationship for only 20 hours and he was just so so so cool. It's so great and it's really cool to see so many prepared people being found in Slovakia right now.
This next week, well tomorrow we're headed to Kosice for a training that we're going to have there and that's going to be really cool. I'm excited that I get to go back to Kosice again and I get to enjoy another Big Burger ha-ha. It's just so dang good. We're going there to commemorate the signature drive and I don't know all the cool things that will happen but it's going to be good and we'll have interviews with President McConkie so I'm excited for that too, it's just nice to talk to someone sometimes that isn't your companion even if I do like him. I was thinking about my previous companions this past week and about the ones that have gone home or are going home and I was just thinking about how I could have been a lot better companion to them and I realized that I miss my  companions a lot they were so great.
Well, that's pretty much everything. I got your package this week and man is that thing jam packed with stuff, Elder Ringger was very jealous because they gave him my package because they didn't think they could fit it in presidents car to Kosice ha-ha. So I just opened it and its super awesome thanks so much for it that should tide me over for a long while ha-ha. I actually haven't even finished everything in the last package but I'm working on it, I just haven't been eating as much candy as I did before I guess, or old companions haven't been eating it all. I don't think there was any cake in in the package but it's not that big if a deal you can just send me a recipe and I can make it from scratch; I've done that before out here, I just forgot the recipe. I have to make a medovnik again today for Sister Johnson because I promised I would and I also plan on giving some to the wrightsons before they leave. Everyone wants my Medovnik recipe because it's so good. I'll be
sure to make some when I get home so don't worry about being left out but thanks everyone for the emails and keeping me updated about everything, and for all of the support, I love you all and wish you all a safe and great week!
Elders Ferrell and Mason (Their time together is getting short)
Elder Ferrell

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