Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Sacrifice brings forth the blessings of heaven

Well this week was pretty normal, there wasn't really anything special that went on this week, so there's not really much to report this week so I don't have much personally, we did however go on an exchange with the Elders in Trencin, and that was probably the highlight of the week, we had an amazing week as far as missionary success goes.  Other than that it's been pretty the same. Me and Elder Boysen are still going as hard as we possibly can and we're still doing everything we can to prepare all of these people. Amazingly we only have 3 weeks left in the transfer, things are just going by super quickly.

This past week we were able to go to Trencin for exchanges and we did some cool things there. I was with Elder Lyman, the district leader there. I took some pictures but I happened to forget my camera today, so I'll have to send those pictures next week. It was rainy in Trencin so the day was pretty hard and working against us. We were still able to find 5 potentials together, for 3 hours in a rainy small city, it was still pretty effective and good. I was able to talk to Elder Lyman and I hope that I was able to pump him up a little so that he can be excited about the work and inspiring to others in his district, and all of the things that he can do for the small city there. Trencin is really cool because it's been opened for quite awhile and it's a pretty cool place, very small, and homey kind of town. Elder lyman is with Elder Broussea there and those two are doing good things.  We're excited for the work that can be done in that great city.

Other than that though, this week was rather quiet, we worked hard, we had some lessons, we met with our most progressing invstigator, Michaela, and we met with her a lot, like 4 times last week haha. She didn't come to church because she had promised a JW woman that she would go but then afterwards she promised to come to our church from then on, she's really great, and talks a lot haha. We love her a lot and we fully expect that she will be baptised next transfer because she works 2 weeks on in Austria and then comes back here for a few weeks, so she won;t be able to get baptised until after the next time that she's there which will be the beginning of next transfer. She isn't the only one though, we've been working with a number of people who are really cool and have expressed a lot of interest in coming to church such as Igor, Helena, amongst others. It's greatto see so much interest and to see us meeting with so many cool people and that this area is really bumping, it's so great!

This next week we also have zone conference, and Elder Boysen and I are training on contacting, we have a really great plan all set up for Saturday. It's going to be great, I'm super excited to talk about it because me and Elder Boysen have wanted to train on it because it's really the only thing that we know how to do. It's going to be great to do that, and to see everyone, even though I've really seen everyone all transfer haha.

That's really all I have this week, it was really kind of a dry week as far as missionary stuff and really cool stuff, but not so dry on the rainy part of it all week. Plus I have a really big headache and it's really annoying haha so sorry about that. But I love you alla nd thank you so much for all the support and everything of the sort, I love you all and wish you all safe travels and fun weeks! Love you all

Elder Ferrell

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