Tuesday, May 27, 2014

I need thee every hour (in Slovakia) and photos (trencin district)

Trencin District

Trencin District

Trencin District

This week was a lot more exciting in many aspects of the work, life, other things, whatever it was still probably one of the most exciting weeks of my mission. We had so many cool things happen and so many fun things that I'm super pumped for. I learned a lot from the training that we had, among other things and I finally got my Interview from President and I learned from that and got some help there too. So this week was just full of exciting things, not to mention it marks 2 weeks left in the transfer. 

Well the first and foremost exciting things that I found out this week was that me and Elder Boysen were able to get the most lessons in the mission this week, and we're pumped for that simply because it was hard work doing it this week because of training and other things. We were able to get 25 lessons with people this week 22 being investigators. Lessons don't really matter but me and Elder Boysen worked our butts off this week and it showed by having 21 lessons by Friday. Me and Elder Boysen are so pleased with the work that we put in this week but it shouldn't stop there I want 40 next transfer but we'll seet. It's not the most important milestone but it feels so great to be working with so many awesome people, investigators and missionaries and members alike it just gets me really excited.

As well this week we had a little surprise in the fact that an investigator is Prague that Elder Boysen taught for 4 months got baptized this week on Friday. Elder Boysen was invited and asked to give a talk by him and thus me and Elder Boysen left for Prague around 4 on Friday afternoon. We hoofed it up there and got there 20 minutes before the baptism and Arthur, the Russian who got baptized, was so excited to see him. As well as the fact that 2 return missionaries were there. Elder Knapp and Elder Sewell happened to be visiting that week together and they were my AP's when I came into the mission and they also were a part of teaching Arthur, so it was amazing to see everyone who had taught him at the baptism. So we saw that and then stayed with the AP's and then left for training the next morning to Brno. We got there at 9 so I could have an interview with President and we just talked about what this means for the rest of my mission and other stuff like that and what I'll be doing in next transfers.  He told me that I've set myself up to have the best year of my life this year.  I can feel it, it's going to be freaking awesome, I'm so excited!

At training though, me and Elder Boysen talked about contacting and we bought each companionship a packet of seeds and we taught them all on how to plant some seeds in their areas because the more the plant the more fruit that will come from their efforts. We think the training went very well and that people are really going to pick up the pace on finding because it really is what we need in the mission right now and we hope that it will have an impact on the missionaries even though we've been seeing fantastic progress from the beginning of the transfer, people are just more excited about everything, it's great.

Other than that, this week ahs been great for investigators as well. We continued to teach Michaela nearly every single day and we committed her to baptism and she is super excited for it. We have her on date for the 28th on June because she has to go to Austria every other week. But this next time that she is here she will be here for 3 weeks which makes it perfect for her to come and then get baptized and then be here for another week before she leaves again. We definitely think that she is ready for the gospel and she keeps telling us that we are great listeners and that because Joseph Smith had an experience with satan during the first vision which she had a similer experience, that's why she's getting baptized with us.. It's great. As well as this week we were able to pick up 8 new investigators and around 3 of them meet with us regularly. We taught a woman from poland and said she is from a bigger town there between Germany and Krakaw, on the north part of Poland.  We gave her a book of Mormon and she's excited to talk with missionaries in Poland. We also found Zdeno who is having a hard time but loves God and loves the Book of Mormon and says he would be baptized 1000 times if necessary.  He's great and we're going to work with him to work out some of his problems. We also had a few meetings with a guy named Michal who speaks English and told us that he will investigate our church for 2 months and then tell us if he can join or not. We went through a bunch of anti information with him and Elder Boysen is a boss with all the anti boloney and just told him all the truths and the non-truths in the paper that he had. He's really funny and wants to play tennis with us sometime.  All of our investigators just want to hang out with us too as well as meet, it's so great. Also Michaela came to church yesterday and loved it soo soo soo much, that she said I'm coming here definitely the next time that i'm in Bratislava, and just committed herself to coming again it's so great and I love our investigators.  Missionary work is the best.

Well that's our amazing week and I'm so excited for this next one because we're going to have 3 exchanges this week because we're doing one with Bratislava tomorrow and then driving to Zvolen and ithen taking a train to Kosice all in this week so we're going to work our butts off while we're there and while we're here, and I'm going to need some cafiene to get through all the days and I'm probably going to be dead tired next week.. However, It's all worth it and I'm so happy to be out here it's the best! But that's all I have for everyone today thanks so much for your emails and support I love you all and be safe out there!

Elder Ferrell

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