Monday, May 12, 2014

I am a child of God, and He has sent me here (to Slovakia)

Photo courtesy of Elder Asay' blog

Last district in Bratislava (blog from "Elder Joshua Asay's mission news")

Well this week was great and filled with a lot of fun and a lot of traveling, at least on mine and Elder Boysen's part. We started off great and we had a really good week as far as numbers go and as far as finding goes. We have some really cool things that are upcoming up this week that me and Elder Boysen are super excited for and we are really just excited to keep going with our goals and to really get this area pumping! I've learned a lot from Elder Boysen and I'm very thankful that I have the chance to work with him this transfer.  He's really helped me with learning how I can accomplish great things no matter where we are or what we're doing.

This last week though started out rather plain, we found a lot, it rained a lot, and we ran around a lot and taught some of our investigators and we didn't really do anything very special, until around Thursday. We decided not to do an exchange this week because that would have put us out of our area for 3 days and we didn't want to do that. Thursday we had missionary leadership coucil and we talked about what we're going to teach for the next zone conference and me and Elder Boysen are stoked about it because we were able to teach contacting.  Which is what me and Elder Boysen were wishing we could do the entire transfer because it's something we like to do and do well and have seen some success from it. Then for 3 hours we spent the rest of the afternoon in the scriptures talking about how we can use the example of Jesus to become better leaders and use the things that He taught so that we can become better at dealing with problems in the zone or do a better job with helping other missionaries succeed and all in all it was a very enjoyable experience.   I very much enjoyed it. I learned a lot about what I can do to improve on the attributes of Christ that I'm lacking, which are all of them. It was really just a great experience that President was very happy that he could share with us and it's something that they don't do often,  He did one 6 months ago so, it was a experience for sure.

Other than that we drove back and we spent 1 more day in the area and we got a lot done in that time, we were able to teach our investigator, Rastislav, 3 times this week and we have another meeting with him in a few minutes which we have to run to. We were then able to drive to Trencin for a memorial of the dicatory prayer that was given by president Uchtdorf and that was very nice and a very fun experience, we had to leave a little bit early because we had a meeting later that night in Bratislava, at this point we had already had to cancel 3 lessons in order to go to the thing and when we got back to Bratislava the last 2 lessons cancelled on us so that was a trial. It was still a great event that I'm very thankful that I could attend.  We started in the Trencin church building where we head some talks about how the church has grown and will grow in the coming years. Then we moved to the dedication site on the top of the hill and we read the prayer and we shared some testimonies and then we ate some gulas and bread. It was very very good gulas too.  I wish I could have had more of it. Other than that, that's really everything that has happened this week. On the way to Trencin though Elder Boysen was looking for his bottle of coke and hit a cone with the mirror of the car so that was quite the funny experience for him, the mirror is fine just his pride is hurt haha, at least a little bit.
This coming week though we are super excited because Michaela who has a baptismal date is coming back tomorrow and we have a meeting with her the second she comes back to Slovakia. She's so great and thoughtful of everybody. We're super excited for her because we think that she could be ready to be baptised in 2 weeks depending on her status and how many times she comes to church and stuff like that. It also depends on whether she leaves for Austria again in 2 weeks because if she does we don't want to baptise her. We think that she could be ready to meet with us every day this week because she doesn't have work while she's here. The other investigators that we have are progressing nicely. We had a meeting with Rastislav just now and he talked a lot during the lesson and me and Elder Boysen are really tired from it. However, he was very nice and very accepting of everything such as the Book of Mormon, with him it's not whether these things are true it's like they just happened and it's just a fact now. So he's really great and funny because he is just in love with the idea that Jesus Christ came to Guatemala to visit the people there.
Well that's all I really have for you right now, I promise that I will take more pictures because I'm getting ragged on by officially everyone now.  But I do have my camera this time and I will send those pictures out this time. They're quite funny because it's me modeling with my tube and bottle of blood under me haha. Anyway thank you all for the support and all the love that you hve sent my way, I'm so very grateful for everything that everyone has done, all the emails and the packages and the letters.  So thank you so much for that. I love you all and I miss you all very much, mainly the nieces and nephews, but the others too.   I love you all again and hope you're being very safe. Thanks again!
Elder Ferrell

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