Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Far and wide we tell the father's story

Well as this week finished we were able to finish off the first 4 weeks of the transfer and we were able to get throuh it quite nicely. We did a few things this week such as a exchange in Zilina, as well as some work with some new people that we have found and we were able to accomplish some goals that we had had, and we expect to just get better from there at least that's the plan. As we get through this transfer, time is going by very quickly for me while Elder Boysen said it's going rather slow for him.  He's still working very hard and we are working our socks off. Just looking for the most people that we can possibly talk to as well as teaching as many people with hopefully culminating to baptismal dates and other things along the path of progression.

First off the exchange in Zilina was quite the trip, considering it was the first exchange driving on our own that we did and it was overall very exciting. Unfortunately the city of Zilina has absolutely no places to park for free in the entire city unless you own a house there which is ridiculous. So we followed the GPS to an area that we could park at night for free and decided that we would have to move the car to the aupark in the morning. Unfortunately the free pakring there ended at 7 in the morning and we were illegal parking there. Thus when we came out to the car at 7:30, we were annoyed to see that the car had been clamped and that we couldn't leave and were going to be fined for parking there. So we call the number and they send out a police car and they talk to us in english because we were somewhat playing dumb and they looked around and the guy came up to us and said, you can't park here and the fine can be up to 50 Euros, but I'm only going to charge you 20 euros but you have to go park somewhere else. So thus we were then fined 10 euros each and that's the fun adventure for the week. other than that, the exchange with the elders went great. The 2 elders there are Elder Christensen, who I trained, and Elder Garlick who came in a transfer after me, and the sisters there are Sister Baird and Sister Johnson. It was a great time that we had there and those 2 elders are very willing to work hard. I was with Elder Garlick and he has such a great attitude about everything and was willing to work with me while we were there. Thus in the 4 hours of work that we had we were able to get 9 numbers total while having a lesson with a woman that we found and they met with one of the women that we contacted on Firday and they have a meeting today with her, I believe. Elder Boysen likewise with Elder Christensen worked super hard and had 2 lessons with people and got 6 numbers while he was there. I'm very pleased with their enthusiasm for the work and I think they will both become great Elders and I'm excited to see their development.

Other than that long story we wre able to accomplish a few things in our area.  We were able to get 3 new investigators this week and have 2 progressing investigators. As well we were able to break our goal regarding lessons and we got 22 total for the week. We are very satified that we could get those lessons all done this week and make our goal, as such. We were extremely tired and slept for our P-Day today haha. It's really funny, and a little sad, because we go on these exchanges and I just try to work as hard as I can for these missionaries to show them how it's possible for them to accomplish the same things in any city in Slaovakia,  that we see and work very hard there and then I come back to our area and I'm just dog tired all week and just fall into bed and instantly go to sleep. It's funny because I still find a way to light up for the people on the street and for the investigators but when we're together as a district I may seem somewhat tired and detatched, even though I'm actually extrememly happy and satisfied with what is going on in Bratislava. I need to try harder to show the people in the district that we can be happy and work hard at the same time.   That is what I'm preaching. We were able to meet with some of our new investigators that we've been finding this week and we've been seeing the miracles when it comes to finding as we've been supremely blessed as we've been meeting with people. We just barely had a lesson with a man who we talked about Jesus appearing in America and he loves the idea of him appearing maybe in Guatemala and he  repeats that very often, he's very funny and I love him to bits haha. He's just one of the many miracles that we've been privelidged to have  I just hope  that we can keep these investigators and work with them as they progress towards baptism, but it's going to take a lot of work.

This coming week will be exciting becuase we have most of the week to work in our own area. We do have a meeting in Prague for all the zone leaders in the mission so that we can plan and prepare for the next training though. So on Thursday morning we will have to head over there and then come back in the morning, but at least I'll have a nother chance to see the city of Prague a little bit haha. Then I can also check the mail.  As far as the package that mom sent, thank you so much for it, it's just jam packed with all the wonderful goodies so thank you so much for that I really appreciate it, you're awesome, and I will be sharing that with you during the mothers day call.

Speaking of which I already explained a little bit, but I will unfortunately be not able to skype this time around because of the amount of missionaries that are living here and the fact that we don't have a computer that we can skype with. So I won;t be able to skype this time around but
I promised that for Christmas that I would be able to slype and I will skype, and that I would make sure that we could, even if it means I have to buy a few things to make it work, except for a computer haha. However, you can call me on skype on the phone number that I gave you last time. That will work againa and you can call me on Sunday at 5 PM here, which I think is 9 hours behind.  So that would be 8 in the morning on Sunday.  If that doesn't work for you then you can call me afterwards it really doesn't matter when because I have my own phone.

That's all I really have for this week, I'm recovering from the surgery very nicely and I don't have many problems with it.  It's still  a little bit puffy and hard but it's going down gradually. Anyways, thank you all for the emails and for keeping me up to date on everything that is happening at home. I love you all and I'm so thankful for all of you.  Make sure you're being safe and are having a great time!

Elder Ferrell

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