Tuesday, April 29, 2014

I'll go where you want me to go

Hello everyone, I hope that you're doing well, me and Elder Boysen had a decent week and we're really seeing the fruits of our labors now as we try and build up this area and make it the best area in Slovakaia, at least that's our goal for the transfer, we actually want 21 lessons by the end of this week, so we're going to be pushing really hard for that.  This week we had 12 or 11 or whatver it was.   I'm not 100% sure. But this week was filled with a lot of cool things, I just barely got my stitches out.  We gave our first zone conference training.  We drove in the car.  We went on our first exchange.  So yeah it was a very nice week on a lot of firsts and all that stuff.

The first thing I guess is that I got my stitches out today, and that's nice because it means I can finally shower.  I've had to bend over in the shower to get my hair washed because I couldn't get the wound wet at all.  So it was quite a challenge with taking a shower and washing my hair.  I'll be very grateful for that, plus I can start working on getting the bruising back down to normal.  There's a big scab there and it looks pretty gnarly haha, Finally all the pain from the hole is gone and I can relax, it's just a little bit sensitive now, but nothing too serious.

We also gave our first zone conference yesterday and that was pretty cool, Sister Mcconkie was with us and we taught about making plans and studies effective so that we can better teach our investigators. We taught with Elder Barber, and I think it went decently.  It probably wasn't the most memorable training ever but it was something that was a necessity for everyone to work on, including us. We went to district conference where all of slovakia and some of Czech rupublic all gather together to hear some talks from a genereal authority, a guy from Finland in the seventy, and see everyone from around the country. We then were able to get the car from the elders in Zvolen just in time for us to drive home from training where Elder Boysen drove on the highway for the first time and also the first time in 2 months since he's driven. He's a little rusty and makes me nervous, but I'm not that nervous he drives fine I think, he just needs some more practive and experience like everyone.

We also went on our first exchange with the District Leader in Nitra, the 2 elders there are Elder Ringger from my group and Elder Asay, who was here with Elder Lamb last transfer. It was nice.  I was with Elder Asay and Elder Boysen was with Elder Ringger.  We went there on Tuesday night by bus and we just went with them. They had some lessons that fell through so for about 3 and ahalf hours we contacted, which is actually what we wanted to do in the first place.  This is because me and Elder Boysen are fairly good at contacting, and we wanted to show them how they can contact more  effectively and be getting more  numbers and in turn get more lessons and new investigators from it. So me and him went into the exchange with the thought of working our butts off to show them that it is possible in Nitra to get lots of numbers and lots of investigators and just teach lots of lessons. It went great.  We all collectively found 15 numbers in 3 and half hours, which is great in that amount of time. This is around 4 numbers per hour. We also set up 4 lessons for them on the street where 2 came and one they're meeting with again today as they already met with her before. So, it was a very effective exchange, we think, and we really are hoping that they take what we showed them and implement it into their contacting. As well as, Sister McConkie gave the perfect training on if you think you don't belong or if you think you can't do it, to just do it anyway and given time,  then you will become what you're striving for. Which is exactly what the Missionaries here needed because they think that we can do it because we're friendly and are charismatic,(Elder Boysen and I) and they just don't get that you can do it even when you aren't, or maybe when you are tired or just not feeling it or a little bit sick or something.But if you really want to,  you can become that charismatic person. So it was just perfect for these people and for what we plan to show them during our exchanges the rest of the transfer.

As far as our own personal progression in our area, it's been wonderful and fatastic. We're finally finding those super solid investigators that are willing to progress and are interested in the gospel. While we have those that are not interested in meeting every week and it's hard for them to do so we really were trying hard to find those that are ready to work towards baptism, the first of those being a woman named Michaela. She is a woman around 50's with a son and lives here in Bratislava but travels to Austria every few weeks for work. She is a bit everywhere but has a sweet heart and a real desire to follow Jesus Christ. She doesn't believe in the Catholic church and believes the true church needs authority. She studied with the Jehovah's Witmnesses for quite a while and was currently studying with them when we found her. They had their hands on her but not fully and she agreed to meet with us and we talked with her about the Book of Mormon. She likes it a lot.  Then on her second lesson she was kind of bashing the JW's and we gave her a baptismal date. She is on date for the 31st and she prayed in her prayer at the end that God helps her towards Baptism, so I think she's al\ready decided that what she's hearing is true and takes it for doctrine. We talked with her about authority and she gets it and loves it, as does she love the idea of a Prophet and Apostles because that's what she was complaining about no churches having right now. She is just doiong wonderful, she actually left for Austria and will be gone for a couple weeks but we're still stoked about her as she continues to work towards baptism.

Other than that we have been having a lot of success recently and I'm super excited about it and super happy to work with Elder Boysen, he's really helping me to become who I want to be. So I'm intensely grateful to him. But that's all I have for you, I got your package and it's great.   Thanks so much for everything, I think I'll have enough candy for the rest of my mission now haha. I sold a pack on peanut butter MnM's to him, (I am assuming elder Boysen) for a euro because he loves them. I guess I'm just too nice. But that's all I have for you, thanks for all the letters and all the information from home I love you all and wish you're all being super safe!

Elder Ferrell

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