Monday, March 17, 2014

Three weeks to make it or break it & new photo

Receiving a new trainee, elder Rosendaal (to his left)

photo and explanation for Slovak missionaries

The transfer is officially 2/3rds of the way over, which just doesn't feel like it whatsoever, I don't really know why it just doesn't feel like the time has really gone by let alone to know that we're already halfway through March, and that my birthday was a long time ago haha. It's fine, and the days right about now are really just melding together, I don't really remember specific days anymore just little things here and there about the week and all that kind of stuff, the days are really flying by too. This week the days just seemed to go by, and it feels like I was just here yesterday writing you this email.  Maybe it's because we've been busy so these past few weeks or whatver but it sure feels weird, not to mention I am very tired like I always am.  But I'm definitely satisfied with everything that's going on here In Bratislava.

This week because Elder Lamb can walk around now, me and Elder Roosendaal have been back together full time but we still had to teach a few lessons together and our area's we're still pretty much merged so that we could hit everyone and we finally just divorced and split up all the investigators. We wound up splitting 6 people that we have found and taught in the past week all of which have specific meetings set up for this week. So we're excited to teach all of them. It's nice to settle back down into the normal life of a missionary.  I t was odd always having to run back to "Home Base" to switch someone out, not to mention I got very very tired from doing that and now I'm basically a charismatic zombie. I feel like I just want to lie down on the cement and sleep for the next 6 hours.  I'm driven to keep going and to light up for every single person that walks past us, which is odd because I didnt light up very often before the mission, but I find myself increasingly living from hour to hour for the times when we can make someones day or we can just talk to someone and get to know their lives or something like that. I don't get it and I don;t even venture to try to comprehend the reason why this change has been wrought upon me. I guess we can just chalk it all up to God's doing I suppose.  But these people that we're working with are great and it makes me just so excited to go out and find some more people just like them. In the missionary world rejection is common, and when you finally do set up a meeting it's common for them not to come and to never answer their phones again. And then when they do come, it's common for them to hear the message that we have to share with them and then to either refuse what we've said or to never set up with us again. It takes a very special and a prepared person to actually meet with us more than one time and to even last the week, and the longer and longer that we are meeting with this one person the higher and higher chance it is for them to leave us and skip out on us.  So for these people to continue to meet with us, I understand how hard it is to find such awesome people that are just proper in their character and other things like that, so I feel blessed to have the oppurtunity to be meeting with the great people and I hope that me and Elder Roosendaal can have the oppurtunity to help them progress to the end.

Other than that, this week was pretty much the same old same old with a few tweaks here and there. I figured out that I really really want to buy a food preocessor and take it with me the rest of my mission because Elder Lamb showed me how to make Pina Colada's and they're delicious, but I'm a cheap skate so that goes out the window, or I'll just use Elder Lamb for his machine. Also figured out how close I've probably been to Elder Lamb before the mission because we were talking about a Burger place called Big Ben's and I remember that Dad took us there one time when we had all the kids, he said he used to go there a lot and was often there haha, it's just cool how small the world is.

Well this week we have a training on Thursday and it's going to be here in Bratislava and actually one of the zone is coming over from the Czech side of things and we're going to tour around Bratislava for them because it will probably be the only time for them that they can ever come here unless they come after the mission or there is an emergency transfer. So I'm looking forward to that this week but other than that I probably need to hurry up but thanks again for all the gifts. They're super awesome I love you all.  Be safe for me!

Elder Ferrell

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