Monday, March 10, 2014

Spring in Slovakia and photo

Elder Preston Ferrell and other trainers preparing to receive their new companions fresh from the MTC.(photo courtesy of Sister McConkie's blog)

Well I'm really tired this week haha, like as per usual but this week I've been working a ton because I don't have to do language study we usually get out at 10 and just go until noon and then we eat and then keep going until the night and as a consequence to that I'm really exhausted but today is my break day because I'm with Elder Lamb all day and he can't do anything so we basically just sit in the apartment doing calls and talking to eachother so it's pretty fun, I really like Elder Lamb a lot.  He's really fun to be around and I'm really glad that I am able to be around him and be in the district with him. I don't 100% know who my new companion will be but he just threw it out there so I wanna hold onto it and see if I'm right about it then I'll tell you when we hit transfers in a few weeks. But yes it would mean that Elder Roosendaal would either change areas here or get moved to a different city. I'm thinking he's going to a different city and it'll be tough on him.  But it happens fairly often out here.   At least 1 person always gets moved in every group of people coming in.

This week though we have really been pushing hard to meet with people and we probably set up 20 or so meetings with potential people, but around 10 of them cancelled right before.   It's okay because we still had 4 new investigators which is really great. We have just been calling and setting up with people and we're meeting with a ton of people so as far as work wise it has been a rather awesome week even though it's been tiring. I'm keeping on keeping on and trying my hardest and the other 2 elders are doing hard work with me and we're seeing a lot more success than before, even when we don't have as much time to contact,  more people stop and of those people more people give us their numbers and setup a meeting.  Nearly everyday we set up with somebody from the street.  Then Elder Lamb already has 3 or 4 set up everyday. So this week we're looking at 15 or so meetings with potentials and investigators already set up. Now we're just going to work on getting them to church and progressing to baptism finally. But it really is a well-oiled machine with all of these prospective members and we have more success than either of us indivually. I'm learning a ton about helping to move to that moment from potential investigators to investigators. We had 76 new investigators as a mission last week and this week I bet we blow it out of the water considering that I know how much Elder Barber got in Banska as well as how much we got and it's around 15 or so for both cities and that's just Slovakia.

Well my Birthday was an interesting day I woke up and opened the packages that I had.  Then we went outside, met with people, set up lessons and then Elder lamb made me a cake so we ate that up. It was very anticlimatic and kind of stupid but for a missionary, it was good. This following week, we will make up for it with just all the cool stuff we have to do and the cool food that we are looking at eating. I'm making for everyone fried burritoes and then Elder Lamb has a food processor which is awesome, I'm jealous and he makes fried cheese with it and pina coladas, which are delicious. I could make millanesas for everyone here with it. We just eat over there for every meal so it's cheaper to do it together and more fun and then we do sleep overs pretty often because by the time we get there and by the time we're done with dinner and after we have lessons, it's already too late to go home. So it's pretty fun and awesome at the same time. Other than that I don't have really much to say and then at the same time we need to email quickly so that we can go to the doctor for Elder Lamb to get his stiches out and we don;t have a whole lot of time to do that But I did want to say thank you to Richard and Samantha for their emails, if I don't make it to emailing you today, I'm sorry,
I will next time I promise. I wish mom good luck with her job in integrating back into work and Smantha having a fun time with the tired 7 year old that likes to yawn in her face and then I wish Jackie good luck on her boards and taking care of the 2 monkeys and then Richard I wish good luck on getting out of DC as soon as possible haha.

I love you all and wish you the best, thank you for the update on Evan that's sooo cool I'm sure we'll be emailing back and forth on the mission.  I love you all.
Elder Preston Ferrell

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