Monday, March 24, 2014

Blissful in Bratislava and district photos

Sisters Jones,Senninger, Elders Ferrell, Lamb, Rasmussen, Asay, Jardine, Rosendaal
The members of the district having a good time

Elder Ferrell's trainer (his left) Elder Barber and all his descendants

Well, this week wasn't that exciting but it was decently there I suppose, we had a district conference with the Czech Elders that we all had in Slovakia and we went on a tour of Bratislava which one of our English students gave for us. It was interesting because we don't ever do tours in the Czech republic but this is probably the one and only time that most of these guys will get to see Slovakia and I know that there are a lot of them out there that really wanted to come over here. I mean I understand it but there are some Elders over here that would really like to serve in the Czech Republic, so it doesn't seem like that is going to happen anytime soon since we don't usually switch over anymore. It was really good. I always feel great when we come out of trainings with president plus we get to see everyone that we've ever wanted to see. Our entire group was there except Elder Scherf who is in the other Zone but everyone else is in the Brno zone so we saw them. Of course it was great to see Elder Barber and Elder Christensen.  They're doing good with their new companions. We got a picture with Elder Barber of his posterity and all of the people related to him which was me, Elder Sharp, Elder Brousseau, and then my two sons, Elder Roosendaal and Elder Christensen, it was funny, Elder Barber never expected to live to see the day when he would have grandchildren! Sadly, I didn't have my camera so I have to steal the picture from him before he leaves. This next transfer none of the elders are training because there are none coming in, just a solo sister from what I heard from the lawyer over here that gets all the names of the people coming in. This sister is coming to replace sister Barney who goes home this transfer. I do have pictures of the district today though and I will be taking pictures more often, I just really haven't had the time and I always forget my camera so that doesn't help but I will be sending a lot more with some of the awesome people that I've met out here so next week for sure.

Tonight we're having some major fun, there's a circus in town, the chinese national circus and it's in Bratislava for only the night and we decided to all go to it. It's tonight at 7 and we've been okayed by President Mcconkie to stay there until 9:15 and then we have to go home whether it's still going or not, but regardless that's really awesome! It's a little expensive, 25 euros, but I figured that you would agree with me that this is a eally cool experience and that it's worth the money so that's what I plan to be doing tonight, we just have to get over theret onight so I'll be taking pictures of it for sure, don;t know exactly what's going to happen but it's going to be sweet they've been advertising for the past 2 months about it, so it better be great. I just kind of looked at the sign for it on Saturday and realized that the day of the event is a Monday and then I quickly called Elder Lamb and we decided to go with the help of a member looking up all the information for us. So that's what I plan on doing tonight so yeah.

In other news this week has been pretty good, not too amazing not too ordinary, just really getting back into the swing of things, we taught some lessons to the french guy who was really nice and he promised to pray, and then we also taught the lady who works at the Student Agency place and she promised to pray, everyone is promising us to pray haha. They really are amazing people though I love them tons and wish they would just accept the message haha, they're prepared they just don;t know it yet. The french guy though, said he realizes the influence of God in his life now, he always thought they were just coincidences in his life and we assured him that they wern't whatsoever, summing it up, he's cool. We did some finding this week as well as per the usual, yesterday actually we stopped a woman in the rain and she said she knew us and I asked her if she had the Book of Mormon and she said no, so I said we would really like to give you a copy of the book and she said... really? well hould we meet, should I come to your building how can I get it, so we said yeah we can meet when do you have time, she said oh that doesn't matter anytime tomorrow, at 5! So we said okay got her number and walked away. She's ready for it I know she is and we're going to help her with it today.

Well, other than that I'm glad to hear the Darcy is doing fine she really does have 9 lives, we should just put bounties on the Coyotes, that's what they do in Utah says Elder Lamb, who has 8 months after this transfer btw, so less than me. Other than that I don't really know what else to say so I suppose that's it, I miss you all a lot and love to hear about all of your lives thanks for the updates!

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