Monday, March 3, 2014

Brave in Bratislava

It's Monday again and the time is really flying this transfer.  It feels like it shouldn't be almost half over nor does it feel like February was supposed to be finished, all in all, it has just been a very quick 4 weeks from the beginning of the transfer. I'm still tired as ever and haven't gotten the best sleep the past few nights because I haven't been sleeping in our apartment and that's because one of the other Elders had surgery this past week. He's perfectly fine just very sore and in quite a bit of pain. But what has happened from this is that President Mcconkie wants me to take his companion outside every day for a minimum of 3-4 hours. So We've come up with a plan to be constantly going to and from his house dropping off my companion and picking up his. So because of this I was able to give the responsibility of doing 12 weeks, the extra hour of companion study for new missionaries, onto the elder in bed and then President is having me skip my language study. So we're out in the morning at 10 come back to his house at 12:30 eat lunch at their apartment and then I go back out until around 5, come back for Dinner than back out with my companion. So I'm conatantly coming and going and coming and going. It's been great though because we have the Elder who is down on the phones, and he used to be a phone salesman, setting up meetings for us. Not to mention that President Mcconkie gave a sweet blessing telling him that it would be as if he was not down, and that we would flourish in Bratislava, which we have ben doing.... to say the least. This last Sunday we had 5 meetings set up 4 investigators and 1 less active, 3 of the investigators didn't show up but it's okay we found some cool people still and then we also met with another really cool guy, and Elder Lamb, the one down, has around 13 other lessons set up for this week and the next which he all did on 1 day, so yeah we're pumped because these are more lessons than either of us have had all transfer. Our goal is to hit 11 lessons with investigators and then have 7 new investigators and 8 progressing and then 4 on date. So we're excited for that. Not to mention we found this super awesome prepared guy last week named Laco.

Laco is really really cool and prepared.  He was a guy that we contacted and then set up a meeting, and then we confirmed and then he never came to it. So we went on our way thinking he wasn't going to come.  Then a week later he texts me saying, "hey, sorry I didn't come I had work if there is anyway possible that we can meet please call me." So I gave him a ring and we set up for an hour later. He told us his whole story and we just had a super powerful lesson and he loves it. We had another meeting and he had been reading in the Book of Mormon and then he also came to church this Sunday and loved it and has said he is definitely coming again. He is on date for the 29th of March and is progressing to it wonderfully. This week is just going to be so packed with awesome people that Elder Lamb said he is not doing his job if I have time to tract, so he said he is just going to pack my days. So this week is looking very full and I'm stoked to go out and do it.

Since I'm out all the time, President has told us to send Elder Roosendaal out with Elder Asay who has been out a transfer more than him. So today all day except this time they will be together and they will be teaching 2 lessons becuase we don't have the time elsewhere. So, one is in English the other we are going to be praying for them haha. We're going to prepare them when they get back to the apartment but we're going to be praying for them a lot haha. Today is basically my day of relax to prepare for the rest of the week to get back going and going and finding and just killing it all over the place. I'm also filling in for District meeting at least this week while he is in bed. So that's our week.  It's been awesome.  This one is going to be even better and my Birthday is on Tuesday, Holy Crap.

I'm getting old, and with getting old that means that my mission is getting closer to the year mark. I hit 9 months the other day and that just amazes me, but I don't wanna think about it.   We had a great interview with President and he just told me some of the reasons why I'm here and he may have let it slip who my new companion is going to be, maybe not.   He just told me about how I felt.  We'll see what happens in a few weeks but it was really cool. I don't know what I'll do on my birthday, probably go out to eat because that's what we do on Tuesdays and then probably teach some lessons and then probably go home and sleep. I don't really know.... I also just realized my birthday is tomorrow and this is my last day as a teenager.... Well I'm going to stop thinking about that now but I love you all and I hope you're having sme awesome weel and being safe and all that good stuff!
Love you all!

Elder Ferrell

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