Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The night is dark and I am far from home,

Everything is coming to a close here as February winds down. It's already 4 days until the end and my birthday comes in 8 days, that's pretty exciting but I'm sure that it will be just like any other day out here so I'm sort of looking forward to it, sort of not. It doesn't really feel like I should be turning 20 and stop being a teenager. Nor does it feel like it has been a year since my last birthday.  Heck it still feels like I just barely got into the MTC and that surreal feeling of being a missionary hasn't really faded at all. It's still crazy to me that I'm in a foreign country and I speak the language fairly well, enough that I can get around decently and all that kind of stuff. At the end of this month I'll have been out for 9 months total, that is just so fast haha, i still feels like I should be a greenie forever and that I'm going to be a young missionary the rest of my mission. I mean Elder Barber only has 3 months.   It's crazy because he was at his year when I entered.  It just seems so quick. This next year will probably be quicker than the last and probably the second that I figure things out, I'll be going home already. 

Anyways this week has been rather difficult for me personally and I don't really know why.   I mean not seeing people meet with us is not the worst thing that has happened. That's just something that has followed me my whole mission but just this specific week has been tough but now that I'm on to this week it's fine and I'm doing better. We got haircuts today and that was a relief because we're getting 20 minute interviews with President Mcconkie on Wednesday. I've gotten used to Bratislava for the most part and I'm not as lost as I was before so that's a bonus. The district has been great though and I love them all. This week we did have an another training in Brno so for the 2nd week in a row we were out of our area for a training and it was great. It was a little similar to the training that we received the first month that I was in the country. It was about finding new investigators, which our area needs right now because we have found quite a few people but that never transitions to them wanting to meet with us but it looks like we'll meet with another girl on Friday and we're excited for that. On the other hand we have been meeting with a few less-actives and just trying to gain their trust and see if we can get them back at church, we have 2 less-actives who attend church right now but it's hard for them to make it into that next step of activity every time that they are almost there.  T hey fall and we build them back up and then they fall again and then we pick them up again. It's great though because it's just similar to how we as people in general fall and then we got to pick ourselves up and keep going even when we don't see the light at the tunnel it's still there and we just don't recognize it until we finally emerge from the darkness into the brightness. Okay enough with that poetic stuff and stuff like it. But it is true.

This coming week we have a full week in our area so that's rather great and I'm looking forwad to it, and I'm going to exhaust Elder Roosendaal, and myself.  II've been pretty exhausted this past week. We've been trying our hardest to really set Bratislava on fire like Elder Lamb the district leader wants and so that's our goals and it is definitely possible with our area even though we just started. It will happen, I have faith. Me and Elder Roosendaal are getting along pretty well, it's kind of the same situation where all new missionaries are where they don't really want to open up and just lose themselves on their missions.  By the end I'm sure he'll be opened up.   I'm glad I'm over it because I'm having a lot more fun now than before. But I was stubborn just like everyone trying to resist the change but I embrace it now and I just accept it as a fact of life and the mission.

On the other hand it was great to hear from everyone, I heard that Dad must be really lonely because he says he has enjoyed the dog's company.   Are you planning on shipping her to Korea or is she going to stay with you?  Samantha told me all about her wonderful trainer which has made her unpaid work sound like working in the sewer of a football stadium right after a game, or half-time. Then Richard has also informed me that he has missed the stage of Asha calling her dada or Daddy and is now miffed that she ahs already passed it. Other than that thank you all for the letters

I received the package for my birthday and I'm sorry but I opened it up right away, I haven't eaten anything but oh my goodness that is a crazy packed box haha. Everyone is jealous of the food that has been stuffed into it so thank you so much for it, it has been amazing! Anyways I love you all and hope you're all doing great and being safe, until next week!

Elder Ferrell

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