Monday, March 31, 2014

"Bravo for Blava" photos of the Danube, Preston, Chinese Circus

At the chinese circus

Overlooking the Danube (across the river is Austria)
In front of the theatre

 check back in a day or two for photos.
We're on the last week of the transfer and we're finally getting into it. It's really amazing actually because at the beginning of the transfer we started with nothing and all of a sudden we have like 6 investigators that we're going to be meeting with. I hope that was what President McConkie was expecting because I wanted more. This week on the other hand was pretty great.  We did a lot of cool things, But it also went by very very slowly and that kind of annoyed me.   I don't really know why. We did some pretty cool things this week, as well we are very very busy.  So I'm not really expecting to get a whole bunch of time to do anything because we're setting up a concert for this Friday. We're hoping it will bring in the crowds of people and from the looks of the amount of flyers and people we've talked to, it might just work. We've handed out around 300 flyers, I think, and people seem genuinely interested in it. We actually have a guy who is a professional piano player who is less active because of his work.  He's going to play for us, and he's hired his friend out, by himself, to accompany him. He's really an awesome guy.  He's just sooo funny.  And he's not even our less-active that we're working with.
This last monday we wound up going to the Chinese National circus, and that was so amazing they were just flipping and contortioning their bodies in all kinds of weird ways, it made me hurt for them.
 I know that I only have around that much money because I've had to take money  out and I would take out larger amounts but I didn't expect to use more money than I take out.    I would try and get cash back but that doesn't exist here therefore, they don't allow me and I'm stuck paying the 5 dollar charge as it comes out of the ATM,  So I'm trying to keep it at a minimum right now. I am hoping to have enough cash to get by because I'm tired of spending money.   I hate spending money but I ran out of money because of having to train this transfer, so there's that.
As far as Bratislava and Elder Roosendaal go, Bratislava is great but I don't nearly enjoy it as much as I did Kosice, it's nice to have all the member support and some of the members here are the absolute coolest people on the planet, especially some of the YSA's, but the city itself has been difficult for me. Simply, because it's so big and it takes forever to get around, we want to go visit a less active at home we have to take a 30 minute tram ride and then we have to hurry back for something else.  Then on P-Day's we simply don't have time for anything unless we're skipping things that we later have to do during the week at lunch or dinner time. It's just stressing and exhausting all in the same package. I guess there are just good things and bad things about it all over the place, I like it, but Kosice stays my favorite for now. Then with Elder Roosendaal, it's going good for the transfer.  As per the usual it goes very smoothly. The last week always seems to do that for some reason. He's fine and all.  That's this transfer in a nutshell.   I'm positive that I'll be staying in Bratislava, President pretty much already told me that and I think Elder Roosendaal is going to Nitra to be with Elder Frederickson.
The rest of this week has been really fun because we have been able to find some more potential's and some more investigators, with a pretty much guarentee of more on the way because we already have one guy who really wants to meet with us and we found some really awesome people to meet with this week, so we're going to try and stuff a ton of lessons into this week. My goal is to meet with everyone physcally possible, meaning members and investigators and less-actives. I'm shooting for  15 lessons hoping for 21, but we'll see how it goes. This past week we were able to meet with some of our new investigators and they are progressing and we're hoping to get 2 or so lessons out of everyone and we really need to start getting members at our lessons and get them into the water this next transfer. Funny thing this week is a guy we met named Progress, he's from Nigeria and he loves Christ and God, and loves it here because most people are Christians. He never met with us but he came to church this week and loved it and said he would come back next week, I'm a little confused with him, simply because he's just a little weird but such a love-able guy haha. He wants to meet with us today or tomorrow so we're trying to set that up with him and then he'll become a new investigator.
Well that's almost everything except one little fun fact about this last week. Me and Elder Lamb wound up on an exchange and walked past a hotel and in the driveway of that hotel was a Rolls-Royce phantom, the expensive one and really nice one, so we stopped and took some pictures of it.  A guy walked up to us and said all he knew about it in English.  Wound up he was from Nigeria as well, and his name is Sherriff and used to come to church in Nigeria and wanted to come here but has no time on Sundays because of work. We asked if he drove the car a nd he said his Colleagues drive it because he doesn't have a license and then said that we could come back on Monday's or Tuesday's or whenever he works and ask for him and then he would get one of his friends to drive us into the city in it. So we are going to get a free ride in a Rolls-Royce phantom haha, I'm excited, but other than that, that's all I got but I love you all.  Thanks for your letters.   See you!
Elder Ferrell

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