Monday, February 3, 2014

From one side of Slavakia to the other

Elder Ferrell and Elder Roosendaal- New companions opening a new area in Bratislava

Yup, I'm finally leaving Kosice after 6 months.  It was really sad for me because I really did grow to love the place.   It was just wonderful to be there, all the companions that I had who really helped me in realizing what I should be doing, what I want to do, and how it should happen.  I also learned a lot about relationships with companions and with our investigators. I guess there, I have really learned to love the people and love every second of my mission.  It just gets me all pumped up for the next area that I'm going to be in because we are going to do wonders in this new place.

Well, this next transfer I will be moving to Bratislava, I expected going there actually, I don't know why.   I just fully expected that I would be leaving to go over there and be with someone but I didn't actually know who I would be with. or where I would be.   But there's some new things thrown into the mix with me going to Bratislava.   I will be opening up a new area there meaning that we will be starting pretty much fresh,  I think, so it's going to be pretty empty there to start of with.   I'm also being blinded, meaning that neither of us will have been there ever before and we have no idea where we are going. And lastly my new companion is a new missionary meaning that I will be training once more this transfer. I'm up for the challenege and I fully expect to double the standards set by the mission president.  At least that is my goal for these next 9 weeks.   We are going to work our butts off and find people, teach them, and baptise them. My vision for this transfer is really having a good relationship with my trainee at the same time, working really hard to help the people in Bratislava, and I think that we can make that happen.

So as far as what's happening with transfers and everything, I am currently in Banska Bystrica with Elder Barber, who is also training again this transfer.   We are going to be here for the night and then we will be driving to Nitra tomorrow to pick up Elder Ringger, who is training this transfer as well. Then we are going to Bratislava to pick up the key to my appartment and drop off my bags.  Then we will be driving up to Prague together and staying there until we get our new trainee's. I'm nervous because of not actually knowing the city and stuff, but I'm also really looking forward to it because I really want this new missionary to have a wonderful experience, despite it  being really hard on us. I'm going to show him what missionary work should be like. So that's that I suppose, I'm looking forward to it and I guess that's enough said.

This past week has been great we have had a lot of success in Kosice.   I'm really glad that I was able to leave the area with some investigators there and to kind of leave them with a teaching pool. We are teaching olivia and laco there, Olivia is great.  She believes the Book of Mormon to be true and all that but she is also 16 and we're trying really hard to invite her mom to church so they can see what it's like for the 2 of them. It's also hard to meet with her because she dances and travels all around the world.  She goes to Paris this week and has been to a ton of places like Nepal and India before so that was really cool for her.  I'm sure the elders there will do wonders with her and her mom. As for Laco he is a guy that we found who wonders how we can know which church is true.  So we told him how we can and he was super interested in our church and we had a meeting with him. He had a ton of questions about the word of wisdom and tithing so we taught him those and he agreed with them really. He is great and has 2 daughters, a 19 and 18 year old and his wife works in Austria for 6 weeks.  Then he goes there so someone is always here for their daughters so that's interesting.   But I think it will be fine.  He said he would come to church one of these days. And interestingly enough, Lenka Juhaszova came back and was there at church and she brought her Dad who is a non member and he loved it and said he would be coming back again.  So the Elders are going to set up with him this week. Such wonderful miracles happening as I'm about to leave it's just not fair sometimes but that's the life of a missionary I suppose...

Well that's pretty much all I have, thank you for all the letters this week and keeping me updated with stuff, I love you all and wish everyone safe travels!

Elder Ferrell

District car - no, its an abandoned car that has been booted, stickered, and ticketed


  1. We were a bit sad for Elder Ferrell to transfer to Bratislava, but are very thankful for his hard work and the training he gave Elder Christensen. He is still in our prayers.

    Brad and Barb Christensen

    1. Dear Bro.and Sis. Christensen,
      Our sons together experienced a lot of first together. I hope Elder Christensen had a good start to his mission. I know how important it is. It is hard for us to think of our son being a missionary, let alone training another. It was only 8 months ago that we tearfully dropped off our nervous little boy at the MTC, wondering if he would figure out the language and if we had taught him enough. We, too, are grateful for good companions who have taught him and from whom he has learned how to preach the gospel. Best wishes to you and your son,
      Mike and Joan Ferrell