Monday, January 27, 2014

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The district of Kosice

I'm going back and forth on this week whether I would like to stay or whether I would like to go it's rather confusing.  On one hand Kosice is just the best city and I wish I could do more for it than I have. I've tried hard but I always wish I could go back and do more.   I suppose that's usually the normal reaction, especially to leaving the mission entirely. I also would really like to go to a different city and just have a change of pace  I don't really care who my companion is, or whether I train again I've already done it once and that's really all I ask.   haha, We'll see what happens. I don't really care if I'm district leader or whatever, just as long as I can give it my all somewhere. It's also kind of a reason why I would like to leave Kosice because then it's like a new start in a new city, and we can just find and teach and baptize people and stuff.

Sisters Jones and Barney, Elders Ferrell and Christensen
A couple things first off, I did get the calendar thank you very much for that.  I got it at Christmas actually it got in the day of our training and we were in prague and they went and fetched it so I don't think they had time to go through it and confirm that it came they just sent it to me.  Who was involved with it? It was really cool and it's really helpful, and Ritchie doesn't look like a baby in it anymore he looks so old, and not as fat haha. I also found out from President Van Dalen that there are 2 missionaries coming in the transfer, president Van Dalen finds out 2 weeks before they come in because he's the president of the Church in Slovakia, it's a good thing too considering he is from Holland haha. So that means that they have to open up another area next transfer and we actually already know where that's going to be it will be in Bratislava so they will have 8 missionaries there next transfer, thus it is pretty likely that i'll be going to Bratislava I think, maybe not we'll see I suppose there are quite a lot of different cities to be moved to. I still think that I and Sister Jones are both going to Bratislava and we'll be together until she ends her mission haha, so we'll just be together for a year, that would be interesting haha.
That's cool about the house getting ready I wish I was there to see it, it would be nice to have that while I was home I suppose but I see how it is the second I leave you just fix everything up and move out haha. It's fine though I can really live anywhere I don't have very many plans laid out when I get home I don't really need to think about it right now I have quite a bit of time left. I'm happy that Evan had his farewell today and that he'll be home for his Birthday, I'm sure that's a great thing for his mom and for him and stuff. He'll like it, there's actually an Elder coming from Idaho Falls, which I guess is going to be in his mission so if he ever goes there he may be able to find his family, and then they have something in common.

The Elders apartment building
This past week was a tough week with investigators and members and all that stuff we couldn't get any meetings set up hardly and people were just sick and all that kind of stuff it was just a disaster, but then we had an amazing Friday. We were trying to get a lesson set up but we couldn't get one done at all, so we resorted to having a day of finding. So we went to Big Burger that day just because it may be my last week with it so I have to partake as much as possible and then we got to the building went to the bathroom got a picture book and went to pray. And at that moment I just wasn't very into it at all, I was thinking yay another contacting session where people will just ignore us all day like we had had the day before, I wasn't very excited to say the least. So we go out there and we start stopping people on the street and the first few, they just said no and kept walking and finally someone stopped for us for like 15 seconds and just listened and then very politely said no and walked away. I said to Elder Christensen well that's a nice change of pace, and then we continued. And for some reason or another we just started talking to each other and having fun and laughing and smiling and while not very people heard us out it was just a very happy day. We then were just very happy and contacted a woman and her son who was interested in the picture and we got her number and had a meeting set up for today at one but she didn't come but we didn't know that then, so that doesn't count. Then President McConkie called us and told us some fantastic news. There is a family who got baptized in Paris, who then moved to England who is originally from kosice and they are returning to kosice Today. They get in at 5 and they want us to be there and we're going to have a really good first impression with them. They have 3 kids 1 20, 1 16, and 1 9. They are going to be just such and awesome addition to the branch I'm sso excited. And then after that we talked to a ma who was very interested in why there are so many churches and how to know which one is the right one. So we talked and testified and he asked to meet later (Tomorrow) and we have a meeting set up with him, and he wanted a brochure but we didn't have any so he said he was waiting at tesco for his daughter and so we ran and got a pamphlet and then ran back and talked to him for like another 15 minutes until his daughter arrived. His daughter is 18 and he has another who is 19. So yeah we had a really spiritual day and then also today we have a ton of meetings set up, (4). So yeah this week is going to be awesome I'm excited to finish this transfer strong and then welcome the next one in with that same force!
Anyways that's all I have for today, I have a few more pictures to add to the other ones that I sent, but I love you alla nd wish you all a wonderful week and hope that you're all safe!
The Elders thought they were hilarious
Elder Ferrell
Elders hanging a rope of linen to retrieve food from the sisters

The sisters thought they were silly

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