Monday, February 10, 2014

First week in Bratislava

Well, we have just completed the first week in Bratislava and the new area, it's going rather well but I'm really tired.  We have been working our butts off and killing ourselves trying to get this area up and running and finding investigators and stuff like that. It's an interesting experience that we have over here doing this together but it's fun and great at the same time. We've been looking and looking and we have found some cool people and some cool potentials and then we have just found out the members that we would be working with out here. On Thursday we had district meeting and we split up Bratislava, the whole city into 4 areas, meaning in those 4 areas we are allowed to do whatever we want and tract in stuff like that. The only places that anyone can go are parks the main city square and the bridges so that's been pretty cool especially with tracting and stuff like that and we have started hitting every street.  I'm hoping that we can hit every house at least once by the time that I'm out of here we'll see what goes down.  It's unlikely that me and Elder Roosendaal will be staying together based on what President has told us regarding stuff like that so I'll either be staying here for only a transfer or Elder Roosendaal will be leaving. We'll see what goes on.  Either way we have a vision of Bratislava on fire and we're going to try our hardest to really make that happen. Our Companionship also has a vision of our area specifically on fire and doubling standards, it's going to be tough but it will happen as long as we keep pushing for it.
Elder Roosendaal is great.  We're already getting along pretty well, he's just a different kind of person.  I surely like him a lot. He is just funny.  That's really all I can say about him so far. He is from England, originally from Phillipines and his dad is from Holland. So English isn't really his first language but he speaks it perfectly he just sometimes asks how to say some things.  It makes me crack up haha. He's great, and really willing to work and help out and I'm glad I'm paired up with him.  We're going to make this a very unified companionship. I don't know much else to say about him, so I guess I can tell you about the people in the District. Sister Jones you already know but her companion is sister Seniger.  I don't know about spelling, and she came in last transfer with Elder Christensen, and she's nice , from Utah I believe, and yeah... Elder Asay and Elder Lamb are here together as well.  Elder Asay was also with Elder Christensen's group and he's a funny guy, Elder Lamb is in the 3rd to oldest group out in Slovakia right now. He's been out for over a year and 1 transfer longer than Sister Jones I believe.  And he was actually trained here a year ago. And now he's back and he's the district leader.  He's cool too. And then the last two are Elder Rasmussen and Elder Jardine, both of which are in the group after me and they are together this transfer. Elder Rasmussen is the one who got beat up his first week in the field. They are really funny together and I'm sure they're excited to be together.  So that's really everyone that I have to tell you about.
This week was rather tough simply because we were only in the area for half the week and then we also are basically starting anew. So we have been doing a lot of finding these past few days but it's okay.  We're happy while we are working. Elder Roosendaal likes what I cook so that's a pretty funny experience every night. We have basically been contacting and tracting every minute that we get and just doing all around things.  So that we are capable in finding people with the spirit. One day we basically said, let's get lost in our area, follow some roads and just find people, and so we did that and I believe that was the day where we got 2 numbers so that was a cool experience, to just leave it in God's hands. Of course 2 numbers isn't something to brag about but when you think about it, any one of the numbers that we get can be someone baptised. So it really doesn't matter whether we get 1 number or 3000 that 1 can be one person coming into the waters of baptism. So that's a comforting thought.
I did get the package that you sent.  Thank you very much it has been delicious so far. Thank you for more mac and cheese I love it so much. The candy is great and it's impossible to resist so thank you very much for that.
Well I don't really have much to say about this week.  We are just going to go to a progression training for Elder Roosendaal this week and then "find our hearts out" so we're prepared for a hard day of work in Bratislava. I love you all and wish you all safe travels and everything of the sort.
Elder Ferrell,

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