Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Goodbye to companion and hello 2014 in Kosice (and photos)

High School Sophomores, 2010 New Years Eve.  4 future missionaries- (and Ashley C.)
Elder Hayes Rollins, Missouri Independence
Elder Brady Rich, Pennsylvania Philadelphia Spanish
Elder Preston Ferrell, Czech/Slovak
Front Elder Connor Meikle, Illinois Chicago Spanish
Phoenix, Arizona

3 years later and 7000 miles away (than the photo at top of page)
Sisters Barney and Jones, Elders Ferrell, Guymon, and Christiansen
Kosice, Slovakia
Hello everyone, we're a little late this week because we decided to change our p day until Tuesday so that we could get more work in, they said that we could, I don't know who's idea it was but its really hard to fit everything in when you have 3 less hours to do it in. Well so far this week, Elder Guymon is gone from Kosice. He actually leaves this morning so he hasn't officially left the country, but he left Kosice on Sunday around 1 30 so that he could get to Prague in time to do some stuff with president McConkie, like an interview and then they all go to FHE up there and just do a lot of stuff. They do it with every missionary when they leave. He'll just be by himself for that time, he was freaking out for the whole day because it's finally over. He left a bunch of stuff in the apartment because he wound up only taking back 1 suitcase because he was too much of a cheapskate to pay for another suitcase at the airport, and he has his other one that he brought with him inside the big one that he's using. It was really funny. He has this huge carry on that probably weighs near 50 pounds it weighs more than the suitcase that he's checking haha. So me and Elder Christensen have been alone just for the last day, it's been fine nothing exciting, really.  We just contacted a lot yesterday. First time in a month that we've been able to do that. Other than that nothing else is really new on that front.

We had a really cool experience and stuff on Christmas and also on Christmas Eve.  President wanted us to take around a video to all the people that we could on Christmas Eve the only problem is that we had a training in Prague the day before and it takes a minimum of 10 hours to get home and we're not allowed to be out past 10:30 . So we wound up taking a train to Ostrava, a city in the Czech Republic. This is where president Uchtdorf was born and then we woke up expecting a train to leave at the station closest to us.  Because there are 4 train stations in that city and for some reason the train times are posted there but none of the trains actually go to that station  so it was ridiculous!. So we took another train to the main station to catch the only other train into Slovakia which ended in Zilina which left 2 hours later. Then we had to get off in Zilina and wait for another train to Kosice which took another hour of waiting and then of course the 3 hours it takes to get to Kosice.  So all in all we got home at 4 and we're supposed to be done with visits at 6 and we still had to walk home. So we got home and ran over to our investigators house.  Then we ran to one of the members house who was actually alone on Christmas becuase her family didn't invite her over. So we wound up actually bringing the spirit to both houses and both were just overjoyed that we came and were able to do this with them.  They were so grateful and happy. It was just a wonderful experience. Then we were able to sing at a hospital on Christmas day and that was super fun, they were all so grateful we sang at 4 different places and all the people were really grateful it was just super fun and very rewarding.
It was awesome to talk to all of you on Christmas I hope you had a wonderful time at home.  I wish I was there with you but I wasn't. It is odd out here for Christmas because it never actually feels like Christmas.    It doesn't even feel like Christmas is over.   It really still feels like it is back in May when I left except its cold outside, still no snow though yet, it's crazy. On this Saturday it was 50 degrees here. It was really really nice. When we were in Zilina on Christmas eve it was probably 60's in the sun it was really nice there.  It was jacketless weather. Anyway thank you for all the gifts and the food it's awesome we plan on making those  (peanut bars) tonight or sometime. I look forward to the rush of peanut buttery goodness. We're able to watch a couple of movies tonight so that's what we plan on doing but I had a ton of emails this week so I need to write everyone.   So I don't have a lot more time but I jsut wanted to wish everyone a happy New Year and  I love you all.  Thank you so much for everything. I'll talk to you in a few months, oh yeah soon it'll be my birthday and I'll be 20... weird... wow, I hope you're all being safe and I love you all a lot!
Elder Ferrell

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