Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Christmas in Kosice

Hello everyone, it's finally time to get a full week in in our area before we have to leave it again and have another weird week. The training was really fun, really stressful because we have had to wake up at 5 a lot of days and just travel a ton, and we have to sing another christmas concert tomorrow and we have no idea how to sing things butttt, we keep on going and keep on plugging and we just have to never give up. I'm really excited to have another normal week this week before Christmas week just goes nuts and we have to do crazy things. Elder Christensen asks us quite often if this is real missionary work and if we really never have time to teach and to find people and it's like, no, this is not it, this is rather odd that we never have time to do anything, really last week was us being out of the area for the entire time is was nuts, so yeah we're pretty satisfied to have some actual time before we have to go to Prague on Sunday. It's actually a 10 hour train ride to Prague which is IF it doesn't run late which almost all trains do especially around Christmas time, but we're hoping that we don't and then we can hang out in prague for like 2 hours, get some dinner and then buy some things that we can only get there. and then we will have the training the next day and then take the train probably 5 hours to Ostrava and then another 5 hours to Kosice the next day. President McConkie was going to have us take a night train all the way to Kosice so we could get some of the visits done that he wanted us to do on Christmas Eve but there wern't enough spots on the train for it so we're no longer doing that haha. So we're expecting to get home at like noon or a little bit later and then work until 6 or so and then the rest of the week is rather relaxed. But yeah 20 hours of travel in 3 days, after just doing 16 in 3 days the week before. We have to spend a lot of money this transfer haha I'm hoping that I won't run out but it's probable that I will so thank you for putting more money in my account haha. And then also thank you for taking care of her package I hope she likes it. By the way how was the package that I sent to you has anyone had one besides Samantha and which one did she have haha?
So on Christmas we have to set up a time for Skyping now because next week we won't have time to Email most likely because training is on a P-Day and emailing  is supposed to be done on Tuesday but that's also Christmas Eve so it's unlikely that we'll have time to do emailing next week so don't worry if I don't email that day, but we'll get to talk to it will be fine. So I'm hoping to get on my own Skype account but I'm not 100% on what it was I guess we'll set everything up and then I'll see if I can log in before we skype but I'll give you my phone in another email just in case but IF I don't skype you'll have to call me at 6:45 which is 10:45 in the morning for you because Elder Guymon will already be on at 6, but hopefully I'll be skyping you at 6 too while he is on the phone, so 6 O Clock which is 10 o Clock for you in the morning I believe. So you can prep for that.
This past week we haven't really had a lot of time to do anything really but with the time that we did have we were rather busy and we were able to meet with our one investigator, Eva who is Jarmilla's mom. We taught her the Word of Wisdom and the law of Chastity and the law of Chastity she ahd no problem with but we knew she had drunk coffe and had drunk alchohol in the past so we were a little worried about that. What wound up happening though was we taught it, she was really relaxed and then she just accepted living it. She told us about how she makes a tiny bit of coffee each morning but that morning she had just made it and then got distracted and then that coffee just sat there on her table so she wound up never drinking it. As far as alchohol goes she said that she didn't care for the stuff and that she only drank it on her birthday and that she was ready to never drink it again. I really think that she was just waiting for someone to tell her to stop drinking both so she would have a reason at that was us so I'm thankful for that miracle we saw. It was also Elder Christensen's first lesson with an investigaotr and he was confused about what was going on the whole time just like I was at the beginning it's funny but he'll get it I'm sure of it. We're gonna work so hard with him to get his language skills up there. He's going to be fluent when me and Elder Guymon are done with him. Other than that we served Rado whose Grandpa had died this last week and his Grandmother was very distraught about it so we basically did anything to help her out, so we filled up her house with chopped wood it was wonderful. He has been making some steps in the right direction, he needs to read more but he promised to come to church for Elder Guymon's talk on this Sunday so he'll be coming to that and then I think it will be easier for him to come back after that. His Grandma is the best because she always says that he needs to come with us and go to church with us and that she would come if he comes and is always asking if he's coming haha it's really rather funny.
Other than that this week ahs been rather short but also feels like it was 13 years ago before I emailed last. But no biggie. I'm excited for the packages that I'll get at training because they've been withholding them for awhile so I'll be having to drag them all the way back to kosice. I'm excited to skype and talk to everyone so I hope that time works out for you. I love you all and I thank you all for everything! Hope you're being safe!
Elder Ferrell

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