Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Kold in Kosice

Hello everyone how is your weeks going guess they were all pretty busy haha, well I'm really tired and sore because we did some more concrete for this less active, I have a picture with him and what we did that I'll send this week, we did a ton of it again and I mixed it all. Found out that I probably lifted about 3 tons into the mixer and last week was 2 tons so I'm pretty sore this week still as is my companion because they don't exactly build to code nor is it exactly a sanctioned and safe thing haha. In order to get to the corner of his garage my companion had to roll the wheelbarrow full of cement up a wooden board and then over on more wooden boards like 2 by 6's over to the corner over a bunch of bricks and rubble on the ground, he nearly fell once and probably wouldn't have had a good time if he did happen to fall haha. So this week was pretty much looking forward to that even though I was still sore from the last week and the hole in my finger got bigger from using the shovel, so I would say I'm pretty sore today haha, last week after we did this I took a 2 hour nap when Elder Guymon had to do calls and then when to sleep haha but I withstood this week and I did not sleep, which was difficult but nonetheless I did it!
Let's see other cool things that we did this week were our music night, it was really really awesome, and I didn't sing the greatest but it was fine. I just messed up on 1 solo but I sang okay the other times we had the sisters from a city in Czech come and sing because they came for exchanges with the sisters which I'm still confused about because they weren't here for that long and really didn't do much with them at all, but whatever floats their boat. We had 26 people there and only 6 were members, it was really cool because both companionships were able to get 2 meetings set up out of it and then some of the English class was there and they really enjoyed to a lot, we had some of our investigators there too so that was really awesome and it was great to eat food afterwards. Then the rest of the week was pretty uneventful, Elder Guymon is worrying about his last 6 weeks of his mission and is thus trying to make up for everything by trying to work harder than he's ever worked , so that's whats up with our area, we get along fine and we have a pretty good relationship we just have different ideals and wants for things, but we make it work, we always make fun of ourselves for our lack of investigators but it drives us to try and get more, but we're doing pretty well now I would say at least, it was kind of a slow week so there is not really much to report at least from what I can remember I'm kind of dead haha.
Well this week is going to be a rather short week because of the lack of time that we have because we're probably going to serve Rado again this week but we also have a conference. As well that it's in Brno so we have to take a train there all day Wednesday and then Thursday is done and then for most of the day Friday were traveling so this week is basically Tuesday and that's all. So we're going to have to work hard tomorrow to make up for all the time missed which is fine we just have to do it if we want to feel effective I suppose. Other than that you can probably expect another letter next week of me talking about me being sore again because we probably will concrete again because we're effective with it and he needs the help with it for sure haha. We're still awaiting snow to come, Elder Guymon hopes that it will wait until after he leaves for snow to come but I'm skeptical of that happening, he is too haha. Today is 6 degrees celsius so it's getting closer and closer to freezing haha so I called that we'll have snow when we return from Brno because last time it got cold from when we left and when we returned so I say it happens again, we'll see next week if I'm right or not. This being the 2nd to last week of the transfer is crazy to think about, knowing that nearly I've been out for 6 months is nuts because the time has gone really really quick ever since I got out here in the field. Knowing that today is already the 18th is crazy! I have no idea what will happen this next transfer and I've chosen to not really speculate on it like some of the other missionaries, mainly because I have no clue what will happen, so I'll be looking forward to that. I imagine this week just fly's by and then also that the last week is just super quick until Saturday when we hear where we're going and who we're with.
Well I don't really have much else to say this week, thank you everyone for all the letters and thanks for keeping me up to date on all the business and stuff happening back home? By the way when does everyone get home like Brian and Jacob and Nathan and stuff? That'd be cool if you could tell me, I forgot when they left. But I love everyone and hope you're being safe. Oh yeah by the way it's
S Laskou dad haha.  (his father spelled "S Laskou" "S Lauskou")  (It means, "with love"

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