Tuesday, November 26, 2013

siberian winds in Kosice

This morning when we got up we got ready for the day and it was rather windy outside, but we didn't really think it was that windy so we just ignored it and just did our normal day and did our stduies we had some work done on our apartment, apartment still looks bad but it's "better" except we had some  workers at our house while we were gone so we put everything of value in a room and shut the door, and we came back and the door was open and we knew they had been snooping around but they didn't take anything from our room. Then last night I go into the cupboard to grab some candy from the stuff that I still had and they took a bunch of stuff from there. Thgey took the big starburst that mom packed with my jacket, the big bag of M&M's and then also the little bag of pretzle MnM's. So I've been kind of frustrated and ticked at them. There's nothing we can really do we just have to forget about it and make sure that someone is always here when they're doing work, so that was our little thing for the week. But it is really really windy here right now. I had to break out the big jacket and the 2 hats and stuff so that I don't freeze. No snow yet which is pretty surprising I suppose but I'm sure it will soon or eventually before Christmas, it's cold enough now. It was like 4 degrees celsius but the wind is really killer, it was blowing trees nearly over. So that's been our day so far, we're going to try to hurry up and do all of the stuff that we want to and then play settlers of Catan for 3 hours haha. At least that's our current goal.

This week we had our training in Brno, as usual it took up most of our week, but it was really awesome. They really want us to try and thrive for the christmas season because usually things take a big dip and they don't come back up until after Christmas. So they really want to show that it is not dictated by the weather how much we teach and things like that so they showed us all the statistics and we're teaching about 1300 lessons every month, but it dips like to 800 or 700 in December. So president really wants us to try to work our hardest to have lessons throughout the winter. He gave us our schedule for christmas as well. We will be going to soup kitchens on Christmas day for the first half and then we'll spend some time as a district and then we'll go home and depending on whether we have access to internet we can skype if not, then you will have to call us on the companionship phone at a certain time, so we just give you our number and then you call us or whatever. What I would suggest is using skype obviously but even if we don't use skype together, you can still use skype to call me and then you can all hear me for one and then also I think it might be cheaper, we get 45 minutes to call and I believe it is 10 cents per minute so it would be 4 50 all in all, and thats pretty cheap. But you can do whatever you want we'll set it up as it gets closer to christmas and I'm in my new area or settled wherever I am. I think it's about 50 50 on whether I stay or not, Elder Guymon would like to stay with me and have me be his companion as he finishes his mission and then he would also like to get a new companion. Its a stretch to do all that but it is quite possible. Maybe not 50 percent possible but he thinks its going to happen, so do others. I really would like to go to zilina if I do transfer. That city is just soooo gorgeous and it just a really really cool place and plus the apartment is nice haha. That would probably be my first choice if I got transferred but alas I don't have any really say in it.

So this week we didn't have very much time to do alot of things the day that we had was tuesday right before we had to leave for Brno, and we had like 5 or 6 lessons that day it was really successful, we were able to meet with everyone that we could so that we could help them out because we couldn't meet with them this last week because of the training. The training really was amazing and it really gets me pumped I guess you could say to help these people out. I don't really know why but it certainly helps. We were able to also help Rado again this week, he is just really really thankful for it and we were able to do some more concrete and I'm tired yet again. We were able to find out his concern because he works a lot at his construction store that he owns, so when he comes home of Sunday he only has that time to relax, he knows what he SHOULD be doing but he is also really tempted because he has a new girlfriend and she's not a very good influence and stuff like that. He really is awesome and I love the guy to death and we're going to work extra hard to help him realize where he needs to be, I think he just needs a reiteration of all the lessons but maybe that'll happen once he starts keeping commitments and having real and long discussions with him again. Until then we're just going to show him how much we love and care for him through the service that we do for him. We have lessons with him but they aren't like actualy sit down and lets talk about all the gospel principles. I guess we should improve that, but we'll work on it!

Well this week was really long and I imagine that this week will be shorter until Saturday which will be long because we find out where we go! I'm excited but nervous but really really excited because there are just so many wonderful possibilities. Well thank you everyone for your letters I really enjoyed them. It's okay that you don't speak Slovak dad haha, but yes I'm happy. We're also putting rocks and stuff into the concrete, that's cool about the temple and that Darren got married and that blog is really funny. I wish him the best with teriann. Maybe I'll be home before the next one gets married. Maybe... probably haha. Well I love you all and thank you for everything that you do for me!

Elder Ferrell

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