Monday, November 11, 2013

super week in slovakia

This week was pretty fun and exciting all around  We were able to do some more service this week as well as it has been raining quite a bit and this is one of the last 3 weeks of the transfer. We'll see what happens next transfer because we really don't know so I've pretty much chalked it up to not speculating on it and just deal with it when the call comes. There are some pretty cool things that are coming up in the coming weeks as well as this week and it's all pretty crazy stuff. First off, we have a music night where we'll be singing for members and investigators and basically anyone who can make it tomorrow. I have to sing so oh well it will be really fun and we've been working a ton with it, we have practiced way too much for it but we'll see what happens when we actually sing it. The week after we have another conference on the 21st, in Brno so that basically takes up our Wednesday, Thursday and a lot of our Friday, so that week is going to be short. And then the week after it is the last week of the transfer as well as Thanksgiving so we'll be having that with the Senior Couple here for a few hours on that Thursday. Really cool things are coming that differ from the same old same old so I'm looking forward to that I guess. The president swears that it is going to snow today and it might because it is really windy, they say that Kosice gets Siberian winds coming down from Russia every winter so they have to deal with super high winds the whole winter and then also be freezing so we'll see if I get transferred out.  Elder Guymon wants me to stay and wants to have a son together but we'll see what happens, I could transfer somewhere else and Follow Up train or I could just be in a normal companionship, doesn't really matter either way, I'm sure I'll enjoy it.
This week we were able to do some concrete for Rado the guy we're helping build his house.  He made some bases for his Garage for the pillars that he's going to have so we had it set up to do on Saturday and we're excited and our day is all planned out and we called him 20 minutes before we were set to leave.  He says the sand isn't there and we had prayed a lot that it wouldn't rain and it wasn't raining but then we deal with no sand. So we're all changed and ready to go and we're sitting there and then we just decide to go over there and maybe we can do something else, so we sprint for the bus.  We got there but we still had a little bit of time so we decided to go get lunch, and Rado has no idea about this so we get our food and walk outside right next to his shop and he's out there talking to someone. So we're like, Hey Rado we came anyways, and he says that's good because the sand and everything is getting here in 5 minutes go ahead to my house and I'll meet you there. So we go there, clean out all the water out of the holes because it's been raining and then the sand comes and me an Elder Guymon do  2 Guy's jobs and shovel a ton of sand off the truck. This is an actual ton as in weight. So then we start doing it and we're using a mixture and stuff and we basically get everything done and I've been shoveling and making cement the entire time. Just me, and we finally finish everything and I'm just exhausted. So we sit down to have a spiritual thought, then a guy comes over and needs help to put his mixer in his truck trailer so we do that for him. And then we see the bus come while we're talking right at the end, and we're probably 2 blocks from it and it's already at the station so everyone starts booking it ahead of me. So then I just flat out sprint and my legs are jelly and I felt like I could have just collapsed right there but I book it in front of everyone just doing a flat sprint probably for 400 or 500 meters and the bus starts taking off as I get to the back of it but then it stops and sees me and opens up the doors so then I took awhile so everyone could catch up and we made our bus! Then I got off the bus after the 25 minute ride and probably took about 10 minutes longer getting to the building because I was just straight dead and felt beat and exhausted but we made it in time to practice for the music night haha! Sunday I was sore as all get out and had to plop down in my chair and needed some help getting up and then today is worse, but the greatest part about the whole things, was that the weather was cloudy all day threatening to rain and not a single drop came down until after we left, and then it POURED! Truly the Lord answers our prayers if we say them with the faith that he will answer them!
So yeah that was pretty awesome way to end the week and then we also got fed taco soup haha, but Elder Guymon says that this was probably one of his favorite weeks of his entire mission because we saw miracles basically every day because of Jarmilla's mom, we had a meeting last Monday and we gave her a priesthood blessing and then she told us, I know that this is true, everything that you've said, it's all true, I know. So she's pretty awesome unfortunately she didn't come to church because she was away, but really excitingly was that we had 9 members at church this week! NINE! that's a very big accomplishment because usually we only have 5, and our goal is 10 by the end of the transfer. 2 people who Elder Guymon Baptized a year ago came back to church after being offended by people and she asked for a blessing of comfort and we gave it to her and she cried for about 5 minutes after, and said it was probably the strongest blessing she's ever heard. And then we had another woman who is a year convert who struggles and leans on the missionaries quite a bit and she came and that was a HUGE step for her, and then we also had 2 investigators of the sisters come which was awesome, so all in all we had 17 people at church which was just really great all around, miracles are really happening out here in the middle of nowhere Slovakia haha.
Well with the week coming up we'll see if I get the packages, probably not but for sure they will come before Christmas because we have a training right before, I plan on sending that package with the MP3 player back so Evan can put all his songs on there this time haha, so that'll come before Christmas for sure but that's pretty much all I have and yes we email president every week. The sisters are sister Jones and Johnson, Jones is from Wales and speaks 4 languages and used to live in Utah and Sister Johnson is from Kansas, her dad is actually from Wyoming and I read his letters sometime because they're funny, he gets mad at people in his ward and it makes me chuckle haha. But anyways I love you all and I hope you're all being safe, I'll send you some pictures of my hands because I scratched them up working with the mixer haha but meh, I'm gonna have rough hands all my life, it's already happened. Love you all! Miss you!
Elder Ferrell

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