Monday, October 21, 2013

kneeling in Kosice

Time out here is going by quicker than expected and I assume that it is going to just keep on rolling downhill whether I expect it to or not, everyday just seems like we don't have as much time as we did the day before. It was a pretty good week nothing too exciting happened, except this coming week is the last week of my 12 weeks missionary training. Everyone else finished this last week but we'll wait until the next one.  I feel like after this next week our time this transfer is going to go by so quickly because we have so many things that are going to be going on. This next week is really the last full week before the last of the transfer that we'll have a regular schedule because we have our training the week after in Brno which takes 8 hours to get to so we have to leave the day before, early, and then have to come back which we probably won't make it all the way. Then the week after we're doing a music concert for everyone to find some new people and then we have to have another training sometime before transfers and then the last week is the last week. So time is going to go by really quickly I feel. My companion is convinced that we're going to stay with each other the next transfer and train someone new so... That's interesting about the sister in the MTC because I guess they were told that they would not be getting any more sisters until the oldest of the 6 went home,  so that's a new thing for us haha. But still I am most likely going to have to train or Follow-up train sometime or I can just go be with someone else it really doesn't matter to me either way.
I actually forgot to tell you that the last week when we went to the Roma village we happened to go very near the Ukraine border and we were probably about 30 feet from walking into the Ukraine haha so that was kind of interesting. It was definitely an exciting experience to leave Kosice for something like that and we're probably going to be doing that more often I suppose because that's what the senior couple wants from us.
So it looks like we're going to get fed every Saturday from now on.  The Millers want to feed us every other time and then Sister Van Dalenova said she is going to feed us when they don't and you don't argue with sister Van Dalenova... ever... We were afraid for one of the sisters because she said it was okay if she didn't feed us because we would probably have a baptism and we would be eating at the baptism for lunch but she said no... we're feeding you for Dinner haha.Me and my companion had a good laugh about that.

So this week we helped out a less-active member Rado in his house again where we cleaned up the 400-500 pounds of mess they made while installing insulation in his house.  Where I showed you the dirty me picture. But this time we just ripped out his entire kitchen and took out all the cabinets and everything in the entire space and then he said I don't know what else to do but we're like we can drywall.   We basically know how to do that so I guess that by doing the remodel was a good thing because I learned how to do a house haha, even if I was younger. He shared with us though afterwards that he and his wife don't really see each other and that most likely he will be getting a divorce.  He just takes his son on the weekends and spends time with him. And she was one of the main reasons that he stopped coming to church.  But he speaks such perfect English its crazy, he used to live in England and he probably speaks better English than I do right now. He's really great and he said he wants the peace that he had when he came to church so we really think that he's going to come back. It's frustrating because there are so many less-actives in the country, we just baptize them and baptize them and they're definitely ready to be baptized but by the time we find others, they're already inactive, or they move away like most of the youth. All the youth are awesome but they usually just move away somewhere else and we only get pieces from them every now and then. It's interesting because the Czech republic is doing well, we just have to figure out why Slovakia is struggling and then the work will explode. We have some great foundations in the Branch presidents, we just can't figure out how to make everything stick. But we keep on going.

Thanks Richard and Dad for the information this week, This week me and my companion talked about the cars that you've done and it's really funny because he's going to go home and says he's going to buy a Dodge Neon, and I have no clue what that is at all, I guess that's what I get for growing up in this family being all spoiled with nice cars and driving a Mercedes and stuff haha. ************Note:******************Elder Ferrell's family, led by his older Brother, Richard, has a side business in which cars that been in accidents are bought from insurance companies and restored to their original conditon as much as we can.  Cars are usually chosen that are japanese or european as those are repaired the best. Cars are usually driven by family members or sold.   **********************************************I am excited to come home and try and build that website for Richard though, I would really like to get that business rolling and be around cars again. I don't know why I didn't recognize it before but I miss driving and I miss just being around nice cars and the like. I did see a Corvette though, a Z06 C6 body, it was pretty awesome but of course wasn't going fast because it was in the city haha. But I'm ready for that.

Anyways this marks the end of this week, I love you all and wish everyone luck with all of your adventures and work and stuff, be safe and say hi to the little ones for me!

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