Monday, October 14, 2013

Serving in Slovakia

Elders Guymon and Ferrell in Kosice
Hey everyone, I guess it's offical that Slovakia is awesome haha. We had a really full week and we did a lot of things this week that we're more out of the ordinary. We had conference this week ut we could only attend Sunday because on Saturday we went with the senior couple here (The Millers) to a Roma village. Which here means the gypsy village that is kind of attached to another smaller city. The senior coupld are humanitarian missionaires and they do a lot of work outside of the city of Kosice and are often gone so they are often busy. But the thing is is that they only speak English and do a lot of work with Slovak naturally so they always need a translator with them. Usually it's one of the members from the branch who is from Kenya named Eric, but he kind of flakes sometimes plus they have to pay him to go out there with them. So we talked with president and he said that we can go out with them and be their translators, so we were. We spent the whole day out there closing a project that they had finished in where they helped some Roma people plant some potatoes near their homes in their village so that they can use it for food and then also to sell for other things.


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We also got some more intersteing news from some of the new elders that just got into the country and just asked the district president in the MTc about the amount of new missionaires coming in next transfer. They told us that there are 6 new missionaires coming in which is absolutely nuts haha. It basically means that everyone in the country that isn't being trained right now or going home will be training or follow up training. Next transfer I will very likely be training in some respect. Elder Guymon thinks that I'll stay with him and that we'll get a brand new missionary which we'll train together until he leaves, then I'll train alone so that's one thought. Exciting news I suppose, I heard that Hayes is training so that's fun for him, he finally got his wish for it haha. It's really not a big thing to me I guess, but it's still cool nonetheless to think about, even though it's still a while away, but it's been 2 weeks this transfer so far, I can't really tell if it's been a long time or a short time it just changes every day.

haluska - A favorite dish of missionaries (potatoes, sheep cheese, and bacon bits)
This week it got a little bit warmer and it's actually really pleasent outside which is just odd because that hardly happens back home it,s either nice or blazing hot and it doesn't change that often like it does out here. But we both know that when this weather is gone it's just going to drop and it's going to stay there haha. But I'm excited for when that happens we're probably about 3 weeks away from snow coming down, which is weird to think about. Looking at it, there's really not a lot of time left this year, once this transfer is over, then Elder Guymon who is from Highland will only have 4 weeks left and he goes back 6 days before school and then he is going to do that. We have bonded I guess but not exactly to the extent of me and Elder Barber, he has different expectations and goals than I do which is fine by me, and it's not really a big thing, We're okay for the most part, and we're all well and dandy.


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