Monday, October 28, 2013

Kandy bars in Kosice

Well, it's the 28 of October, I've nearly been out for 5 months as of tomorrow and it seems like time is going by quicker and quicker out here, it's really amazing that this transfer is nearly half over as of Wednesday, that's really weird because it seems like it went a lot faster than the one before that and for sure it has gone by faster than the MTC, so I'm really amazed at that. This week has been tough because we have a ton of things on plan but then we had them fall through like service on Friday went through and we forgot to make a back-up plan and the guy cancelled like 2 hours before so we were stuck contacting for 4 hours.   Then it was really ineffective because we were just angsty the whole time because all we wanted to do was go out there and work so for the most part.   That Friday was pretty much a bust but this week is going to be jammed packed full of stuff that we don't have time for haha. We have training in Brno on Wednesday and since we are in the wonderful east we have to leave tomorrow at 10:39 so we aren't going to be doing much Then we have exchanges with the zone leaders on Thursday which we aren't all the way prepared for because we have to plan meetings and junk like that That's what happens when we have a huge zone and the zone leaders have to meet with every single district leader.
So, I told the sisters here about the new sister and so they asked the sister trainer leader and she confirmed that there is a sister in the MTC, so I'm guessing that she is coming here and not to England. It's possible, but I think it's not as likely. And then I don't know about the 3 in the MTC, I would've assumed that there were 5 elders because that's what the presidency told the Elders in the MTC.  And thats what the president told one of the leaving elders too so... looks like we'll see in about 5 weeks or a little bit less. I would personally like to stay in Kosice because it really is a wonderful city with the best Branch president in the mission. He is really just so cool and awesome. He actually moved here during communism and when it was a big thing in Slovakia, and he talks about it a little bit. A bit more backround on him is that he has 2 kids from a previous marrige and his former wife died and then his current wife lived in California and they knew eachother from children I believe or something and she told him that she wouldn't marry anyone who wasn't LDS, so he investigated the church. And so he went to a conference where President Uchtdorf came to because he was born in the Czech Republic and he shook presidents hand and president said sorry, but I'm not a member of your church, and then President Uchtdorf told him, but you will. So President was kind of freaked out that time it was a really funny story. There is actually a cool story from one of the members who is sick and she used to be really active but can't come to church and her daughter won't let us see her at all but she was actually in a concentration camp for some weeks and she has told her whole story and president has it on tape and on a sheet so we're going to see if he can get that, because that would just be epic I think at least haha.
So we have a really busy week this week with the conference and then also the exchanges but then we also have a baptism set up for a woman that Elder Guymon found when he was here a year and a half ago. She's not all there, and the president and his wife didn't want her to be baptized yet so they stopped teaching her. Well, for a year and a half she's been coming to church pretty regularly without any lessons from the missionaries and the president decided it's about time she is baptised. So that's what we're going to be doing and planning today. So we should have a baptism this Satuday, we're hoping that she picks president to baptise her. She is on medication and still isn't all there but her heart is in it and she understands the spirit and what it's telling her. And then she provides us with so many referalls it's nuts, like 45 or so since she's been taking the lessons. Many of them have investigated the shurch and we've been trying to get in touch with the guy that she brought to church name Michal but he is like dropped off the face of the earth but he'll show up again sometime, he really wants to be baptised and he recognized the difference in his life, it's really awesome to see.
Well this week I thank you all for the letters and stuff, it's okay mom that you didn't get them to me last week, I wasn't mad or whatever haha, interesting about the ward changes and Bishop Gunter moving to Idaho. Derek is dating a girl up there that we were friends with down here, connor is actually able to get on facebook and proselyte so he sees all the pictures and stuff so that's cool for him. Thank you richard for the update on the cars, I think I have seen that Alfa here a few times, my companion likes to talk about cars and likes what you do at least. I'm excited to get home and try and build up the business eventually, but you'll probably be foreign so I'll have a little bit of time to make the website look nice and be exactly how you want it, but driving and cars is surley something that I miss right now. We (I) were able to help the senior couple here change their tires for when snow starts to come down which should be in a couple weeks or so, even though it is really gorgeous right now, absolutely perfect weather, but it will get colder soon I know. But we were able to change their tires and that was fun. They told me it was like a fish getting into water, I had those tires off and on in about 10 minutes or so, but they were one directional tires so we had to change one of them.
We actually want to buy a game called settlers of Catan but it's like 34 euro's but I guess it's really fun, game of the year awhile ago, but we'll see how it goes. I also already have christmas presents for everyone and I'm just going to be sending them all to you and ask you to distribute them because they go to all the missionaries too. it's cheaper that way.
But that's about everything that I have for this week, I love you all and I'm looking forward to next week ( this time always seems too short). I love you and hope you're all being safe and stuff!

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