Saturday, June 22, 2013

June 21,2013

Hey everyone, thanks for all the letters, I think I got like 9-10 this week  from Dad, Mom, Jackie, Samantha, and Taylor. Anyways this weeks hasn't been much different than last week we're still learning Slovak and teaching fake investigators. I can only get on the computer on Friday, but I can get packages whenever they receive them, the same with letters and DearElders. Anyways, I'm going to try to attach pictures with this email but the computers here are so locked down it's near impossible to do, and I think that with the prophet coming this week for the new mission presidents the only computers that actually accept the camera have been shut down but i'll try to get some pictures out sometimes, the computers here aren't eaxactly top quality, so even if they have the capability of attaching photos to an email only about half the time will they allow you to attach them, so may not see photos until Slovakia, but i'll try and figure it out,  Anyways, yeah this week has seemed pretty uneventful I suppose, we did sealings today at the Temple, and that was different, and umm, we had some actual good food today, not from the cafeteria. It's really funny because, in the MTC, there isn't much to do in our free time except take a nap, study, or just sit and stare at a wall, so we have maitenance in our room and they're changing a light or something, and you can tell who ahs been here for a long time because they pull up a chair outside our door and just sit there and watch them change the bulb, so we had like us 3 in the room and another 5 people outside the room, and it's like, this is what our lives have come to. As well as, today, one of my companions is like, hey! lets iron some money to make it all nice and crisp, so we did, lets just say it was a time well spent.

Okay, so everyone is incredulous that I joined the choir, so lets get the record straight, Dad is right in that we  wanted good seats when we go to see the Prophet and Apostles speak, because they're going to sit us right in the middle so that the bulk of the MTC can watch them, after this Sunday, Plus one of my companions knew that he was coming before they announced it so we knew before hand to get into the choir, and we wern't sure whether the entire MTC is going to the Marriott center to go see it or not, turns out they are, but we can still be on TV maybe so there's that hope. Apparently this is supposed to be a memorable talk about Technology which is what my companion heard from a couple different sources. So that's exciting, but anyways same old same old for me, I wake up, eat, sit in class for 3 hours, eat, gym time, tall time, eat, 3 more hours of class, plan, sleep. That's pretty much the average day, which is why Dearelders are a blessing because it feels like I'm not a robot and someone cares about me.

My District is great, it's us and the Czech's and theres some pretty cool people in the Czech rooms and they have 9 people in there. Theres a kid there that has 1 Hugo Boss suit that he paid $600 for and I talk to him about the fine line of expensive clothes and shoes. So I have fun in that regard. I don't know so much about him on that one. Our class is pretty far ahead of the Czech class in terms of language because of the fact that there is only 3 of us and 9 of them and that our teachers are really good at teaching it. We're the only class without a camera in it to watch the teachers and growth of us. Theres always future teachers coming in to sit in and watch both of our teachers. I guess you're supposed to have gone to BYU to work here, and one of my teachers goes to UVU, and they're like is there any possiblity that you will transfer to BYU, and he's like nope, and they're like ANY possiblity, He says well there's always a possibility I guess, and then they said you're hired, so kind of a funny story. But the language isn't going to be a problem, I'll be fine with it, but my companions don't think so haha, I know I'll get it eventually. Could I also get everyone's street address, including Samanthas, I don't need Jackie's, I have hers but yeah.

Well... The MTC is really boring haha, we have to make our own fun, but we found a basketball hoop and ball that we use, we're not supposed to write letters except on P-Day, Oh yeah I almost forgot to mention that we're the hoarders on our floor, every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday they have food carts outside the buildings that has better food than  inside and they have bins of sodas, so we have like 40 sodas in one of our dresser drawers and the entire floor just comes to us for sodas and food because we just grab as much as possible and stick everything in the one drawer, it's really funny to see how many people we have come and get one. Sister Schoen showed me that Dear Elder that you sent her, and she got a really big kick out of it, she was laughing for a few days about it. We got 19 new people this week, we got 12 new Bulgarians, 6 Elders, 6 Sisters, and they're overlapping with the bulgarians that are already here and they're going to start doing that, having them come in every 6 weeks, but have them stay for 9 weeks. We got 4 Slovenians, 3 elders, sister. And then they're overlapping 3 Croation speakers with the 12 that came in with me. 2 Elders, 1 Sister. The Polish leave Monday which is crazy so we're going to say goodbye to them, they were kind of reserved throughout the time here, a lot more than the turkish and Bulgarians were with us, so we don't know them as well as the others. They were only here for 7 and a half weeks. But we're gonna get up early and say goodbye to them, from what I hear the Slovaks are actually pretty easy with getting a Visa through and they don't usually take a long time like some other countries, and we don't have to fly to the consolate like the Turks and the Bulgarians.

Well, anyways, I think I have run out of things to talk about ecept for talking about the lack of things to talk about so I guess this will be it, if you wanna know specific questions send them in a dear elder and stress that you want to know them a lot, and maybe I'll remember haha, Well I love you guys lots!


Elder preston Ferrell

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