Sunday, June 16, 2013


So it's been over 2 weeks now and I'm feeling the grind, it's not like it is an extremely long time because it actually goes by super quickly, they say the days are long and the weeks shorter but to me it's really like the days are short and the weeks are short. The only tiring part is knowing that I have a long way to go, it's kind of exhausting but you just have to power through. . We have two teachers, Brother Fish and Brother Bodily, both were in Slovakia 2 year ago. Brother Fish is actually getting married today so we have Brother Bodily as our teacher for about a week. They're both really fun guys and like to laugh with us and the 3-6 hours of class a day aren't always a constant grind, we like to take walks and just talk aout stuff it's pretty nice.


The language is going about the same as before, we offically learned the past tense yesterday even though I looked up how to do it about a week ago so. I'm still memorizing words but for the most part speaking the language isn't hard to figure out anymore it's now just a lack of knowledge of the right words so I have to memorize some more. Connor emails me and he told me he wasn't going to go to the other MTC and then right after his president said that he got pulled aside and they told them they would be going to that MTC, so he's like why is Heavenly Father messing with me right now, it's actually pretty humorous. The first friend to leave will be Brandon who got here last Wednesday and then leaves this Monday so he's already out of here it's kind of annoying haha. The polish people in our zone got their itineraries today and they leave in 10 days and it turns out that they only had to be here for 7 and a half weeks so lucky them. They were unsure on whether they were going to be here for 7.5 or 9 weeks. I know them pretty weel but everyone usually stays within their missions when they're hanging out with each other so it won't be too bad when they leave. Quick question though, did you send my FBI clearence to the Church or me? I just wanted to know if I had to do anything over here or if they would just send out for my Visa themselves. Thanks for the package though I got it today and it was exactly when I needed it.   Oh yeah, I almost broke my nose again, playing baskebtall, I hit one of the missionaries in my zone in the head with it on the side a few days ago, it's still really tender but I went to the doctor here and they said they didn't think it was broken but it still hurts really bad when I scratch my nose or something. I just really didn't want 3 broken noses like Dad, mainly so that I don't snore, and yes you do snore Dad. Sleeping is kind of a pain I don't often sleep through the night but we get in some naps now and then and our teacher told us that if we have free time and we just can't do it anymore that it's okay to jsut fall asleep for a bit so tht's a blessing. I'll be waiting for the photo album too. There's nothing else that I need for you to send me I don't think so that's about all on that.


I joined the choir for the 23rd of June singing for the Prophet and Apostles broadcast that they're having. So you can probably see me in that we have to make sure to get to practice super early because they asked for a Choir of 1100, and got about 2000 when they did it so we just go super early so that we can save our spot on the bleachers. So you'll hopefully see me in that, and I could potentially be in the Mormon Message that they're making out of the singing that we're having. We went to the Marriott center for the Tuesday Devotional and they said that we would continue to do so for the rest of the summer simply because of sheer size of the MTC right now. the week after me they had 980 missionaries enter the MTC so that's super crazy. I hope I get my visa in time so I'm not waiting around here for a bunch of nothing. Today is laundry day so I'm excited because we don't really do anyhting until after Dinner than we have classes and such but they usually arent too bad. We did what they call TRC yesterday which is where we teach return missionaries from our language who volunteer to be taught just a lesson from preach my gospel through they eyes of member not just investigators. We teach 2 people but one guy was a return missionary who works at the MTC, so I'm pretty sure they asked him to come and do it because they couldn't get anyone else and then the other person was the teacher for the Czech class so... we kind got shorted a little bit haha.


I heard about Todd proposing like 3 times on the same day which was kind of humorous because my teacher was getting married the week so he was kinda interested but, congrats to him, here's hoping she says yes ;).  


Anyways I appreciate letters and Dear Elders, it's kind of a competition between all of us to who gets the most but there's this one girl who gets like 13 letters a day I just don't understand. It's kind of funny but she doesn't like it when we talk about it but meh.  I know that I'm not ready to get out of here but , the days are just melting together so I often don't know the days, I don't really look forward to any day in particular because P-Days aren't really much different, except for the nap. I'll try to send some pictures next time but I can't guarentee anything so, here's hoping. I wanna see some of those pictures, it doesn't necessarily have to be an album but just some pictures would be nice. Anyways, it's real late here because I had to save my draft of my letter so sorry that you got this one so late anyways, I love you all.



Elder Preston J. Ferrell

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