Saturday, June 29, 2013


Well I think I'm about half way right about now, so that's pretty cool, I'm on the downward slope and now I really have to prepare for going into the Country. This first month for me hasn't really been that big of a deal, the days feel short, the weeks feel short, time kind of just slips away, it really feels like it's been 2 days since my last P-day, Sundays seem to take the longest. I'm learning as much as I can with the language and all that, as compared to everyone else, our class is ahead of where everyone else is or was at the time that we're at. It's a lot because of us only having 3 people in our class and because we teach fake investigators and that takes around a half hour, but we do it in companionships and we teach our teachers, so most of the time everyone else is trying to learn the language on their own, but you know how kids are when it comes to doing stuff on their own, so they do a lot of sitting around whereas we don't have that luxury. So as far as the grammatical structure of the language we are far ahead of a lot of the other classes. As well as we have 1 teacher whose personality is like, you're going to learn how to do this, and now, and is amazing at pounding in the language and is very dedicated to us being prepared when we go over there. As well as the other teacher who teaches more, but is a really amazing teacher all around, we are all in agreement that they are the best on the floor and they constantly have other teacher watching their class to see how teaching should be. Everyone is surprised at how much we understand  our teacher speaking the language and at how we are able to respond to him. We have a lot to studying to do but we'll be just fine I think. My companions tell me every week that I have an unexplainable knack for the language and it annoys them haha, So, I don't know but I'm not all that afraid about going there and not being able to understand it at all, I just know that I will have Heavenly Fathers help and that through him I will be just fine.


I'm really interested in giving tours of church buildings even if I may not be giving very many of them haha. I met my mission president on Saturday before the broadcast and we talked for about an hour or so about us and about their family and what's going to happen in the country. They have 4 kids, a 15 year old, 13 year old, 9 and 7 I think, and he said that we'll all be able to come to the 7 year olds baptism so we can look forward to that and boy am I. Their kids are going to go to an international school in Prague. they actually left today for the Czech Republic and left the MTC on Wednesday from the seminar with the prophet and Apostles.


We have since quit the choir and vow to never return haha. We could read the teleprompter.  But yeah it was cool, I pulled out my blue suit from the Slovakia bag because I'm going to need it regardless when I get the black one dry cleaned and wore it and the pants actually fit better than the black ones, the black ones are really long haha.


Some of the Bulgarians in our zone got their travel plans today and they leave not this Tuesday but the one after it so they're super excited. They go to Chicago then London and then Sofia Bulgaria, that is probably what we'll do as well except to Prague so that's what I'm expecting in about 3 weeks. I'm 80% sure we'll get our plans in 3 weeks and have about 3 weeks left of actual class time because the last week is different than usual and we don't have much time for actual class, because we have in field training


We get sent to the airport like 6 hours early when we leave I think so they allow us to call home at the airport as well as actually eat some good food,  and I'm happy for that. All I know is that I believe there's a Cafe Rio in the airport and that I will be going to it. I will buy a phone card from the library so I can use the phones in the airport because they're like 5 bucks here, so that'll be cool and you can look forward to that. I'll need to move some money to my checking account when I go to leave because we are supposed to pay for our own baggage there and then get reimbursed from our mission president so i'll need that eventually. .


Well, I guess my laundry is getting dry because we uusally do it during this time (Laundry day is amazing because some stuff is gross, not even my stuff, haha). I'm surprised at how much I've written I hope you enjoy it because I don't have anything else to do haha. I can't tell you how great it is to receive DearElders here it makes you look forward to something during the day. Dad sent me a story of Al the tatooed Mormon, I have actually read that before I came here, I saw it somewhere, on Facebook maybe and have read that story that you sent. Nonetheless, it is still a really cool story and I enjoyed reading it again haha.


Jackie, Richard, and Samantha all sent me letters this week which I appreciate endlessly, thank you very much. For Samantha, thank you for your address and I've sent you a letter yesterday, I hope it arrives not 2 months down the road, and I hope I put enough stamps on it which I think I did because it didn't wind up in my mailbox, if I didn't and they send it to you and you have to pay for it, sorry about that, let me know how much it is and I'll send another envelope with a dollar at a time so people don't steal it haha. Sorry for Richard that he has to sell his car because Asha thinks it's a barf bag haha, maybe someday you'll get to drive your 911 around for more than a couple months or so. For Jackie, thanks for your letters and for taking the time to rewrite them haha, I know that can be painful and probably was, and I hope if you ever wanna have a 1 sided conversation you look for me because I love reading letters here haha. I got 5 dear elder papers yesterday, and then the letter from Taylor and the package so that was cool haha. You have no idea how much it means to me that everyone is taking time to write me and makes the days and weeks go by even quicker. I hear bits and pieces about Todd and Jen but nevertheless, Congrats to them both I wish them a happy time haha.


Anyways my time is up and I must go get my stuff from the laundry room and then prepare for dinner and class but I want everyone to know that I love them very much and thanks again for the letters, Oh and I'll try to get some pictures out later today or tomorrow when I can get a SD reader, but I don't think you need to send me one unless you can get a cheap SD reader and send it with everything else. Anyways I love you guys!!!




 Elder Preston Ferrell


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