Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Week 2 - 6/7/2013

Hello Everyone,

It's already been a week since the last time I emailed you guys and the time has really just flown by. Someone in my zone said the days are long but the weeks are short and to me it's really been short on both ends. Thank you everyone for all the Dear Elders that i've been receiving they have really made the days that I get them. I have gotten 2 Dear Elders from Jackie and 1 from Richard but I don't have their Emails so if you could either send them to me or if they could email me really quick so that it will be saved in the system. I got the packages today, and thank you so much for the giant stack of candy that is now sitting in my drawer, there is no possible way I will finish it by the time I leave. Some people say that the MTC was the worst and some say it's the best, . I also have a few requests that I really hope you can send me because they will be a blessing from the lord for and I'll send a separate Email with a list of some small stuff. Before I forget, unless they told you otherwise about the FBI clearence could you send that asap I filled out some Visa papers for Slovakia but it says to send the FBI clearence with it as well.

So a record of my MTC week from P-Day to P-Day begins with me being sick.   but I didn't get anything on the toilet so that was a plus. I think it was just a quick flu because I had a slight temperature and got some pills to calm my stomach but I'm still not sure it wasn't the food still. That Friday we were put into districts and our and I also receive Dear Elders super quick as soon as they're sent pretty much. The Slovak isn't that hard really except some of the cases which we didn't have in French, other than that I pretty much know the construct of the language and it is mostly memorizing now. Waking up in the morning is pretty tough still but there is time where the zone takes a nap on Tuesdays and Fridays, it's pretty nice. The food hasn't really gotten better, I just stopped complaining about it. We taught our first investigator that was our other teacher and we were able to get him to commit to a Baptism on the fourth meeting it was awesome, we did so well. My District is pretty cool, there are some pretty neat and nice guys and girls in it and we all get a long pretty well except us Slovaks like torment the Czechs a little bit because there's less of us.  Brother Fish who is our teacher is really good and fun to hang out with during the 6 hour class days and is one of the best teacher on campus. Today is laundry day and I took a risk of washing and drying one of my shirts that said you could tumble dry but I don't know if it will shrink on me but if it does that's okay I'll just know to go get it dry cleaned next time haha.

As for some questions from Jackie and Richard and everyone that I can remember because I forgot to grab the Dear Elders from my room before I came down here. I am having a lot of fun, I am able to create my own fun with my companionship, and our zone is really close-knit so we do pranks on each other a lot and we have a lot of fun together. This next week we'll be having some new Bulgarians come in because they just switched Bulgaria to a 6 week Language so they overlap for about 3 weeks. I'm not sure if I said this but our zone is Czech/Slovak, Polish, Turkey, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Croatia. I believe we are the smallest class on campus with it only being us and we get asked A LOT about where we're going because the language is different from literally every other nametag on campus. Dad, I don't need to roll my r's very much because in Slovak it is only a really quick rolling of the r's rather than Czech who make harsher sounds and roll their r's a lot. Richard, if Joie doesn't want the boxster i'll take it without argument. Jackie, Yes, Dear Eldering your brother is not a waste of time during work and it is okay that you do it, maybe because i enjoy the letters. I've seen Connor numerous times but haven't gotten a picture and i'll get one the next time before he leaves for the other MTC, he sits real close in the cafeteria but he is at a different time a half hour later so i'll be able to see him. I saw Alex Berthleson the first day and Tanner the second day here. At gym I have played Basketball as well as Volleyball out on the field, everyone in the zone is really inviting and it is a nice change from back home. Also Mom, the computers here kinda stink, well they really stink so getting out a picture may be impossible, sorry. I can't wait to get into the field.  Our teacher said you can get 2 cent breadsticks when they're on sale so I'll probably be eating a lot of bread over there.

Well anyways I hope I was able to answer some of the questions that you guys sent me and if I wasn't send them again and I'll make sure to write them down and answer them next week. I love you guys very much and hope that you have amazing weeks. Until next time!

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